Why Choose Easysite To Build A Website


Why choose Easysite to build a website? Below we will give you lots of good reasons to use Easysite.com to build a website.
Try Building A Website Free

We want you to try building a website free to see if you like our site builder that's why all you have to do is fill in your details below hit the blue get started button and presto you can start building a website free for 30 days. No financial information or credit card details required. Use all the features for 30 days. If you're not completely happy, just cancel.

Ease To Use

We have designed Easysite to be easy to use. We wanted to create a site builder that your ten year old daughter and mom good use. In fact "If my mom couldn't figure it out, we failed!" says Easysite's creator, Steve Sivulka. "Mom was the ultimate test for developing our website creator.

No downloads or software to install - Unlike other site builders that you have to download and install website building software onto your hosting account. From the moment you sign up you can jumb straight in and start to build a website.

Our site builder does all the coding so you don't have to. This means that there is no coding knowledge required to build your own website. All you need is a idea, computer, internet, less than $20.00 p/month and Easysite - Nothing else!

Free Telephone Support

You want to build a website and we want to help you build a website. If you need a little guidance or help please contact us. We enjoy talking to our customers and we're here for you! Call us toll-free at 877 8-EASYSITE (877 832-7974).

Safe And Secure

You may want to build a website for the world to see. Or build your own family website that only family members can see. Easysite allows you completely lock-up your family site so only you and your site members have access. Easysite is built with safety, security and privacy in mind.

Professional Website Designs

All our themes are built to high specifications and light weight for better ranking and faster loading. Our website designs are all responsive, this means no matter where you visitor views your site it will look great. Easysite has over 500 creative and fun designs. Birthday, holiday, seasons, baby, wedding, travel and sports are example themes.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

We have created lots of step-by-step tutorials to help you and guide you. Each stage of the building process has a help link, if you not sure how to build a website or get stuck click on the help link and follow the step-by-step tutorials.

No Ads - No Spam

While other sites bombard your friends and family with ads, we believe your website should be completely ad-free. Social networking sites make money by generating traffic and serving more ads. Easysite is ad-free. You're a valued customer, not a marketing opportunity.

Maintain Ownership Of What You Post

Easysite holds no claim of ownership to anything you post: pictures, videos, audio, news, blog, etc.

Optional Easysite Controls

Easysite's optional controls for Windows let you do some amazing things: photo editing with effects, capture video, spell-check, faster uploads, etc.

Free Domain Name

We will give you a free domain name for life as long as you remain with us. Once you make your first payment you can add a domain you already own or take advantage and use the free domain thats included in your package.

Web Hosting

Get fast reliable web hosting when you build a website using Easysite. Our hosting won't let you down when your site gets busy. No need to upgrade your already on the top hosting package we have.

Ecommerce Software

When you start to build a website with Easysite.com you get the full package. You get a free domain name, web hosting, site builder and Ecommerce software. If you decide to sell stuff no uprade required. Your store page is waiting for you to add products and start selling online.

We Listen To Our Customers

Have a problem or suggestion? We want to hear from you! We are constantly adding new features and our best ideas come from our customers.

Cancel Anytime

Unlike other services, we won't hold you hostage.

why choose easysite to build your own website

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