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Making a website was easy using Easysite thats what our customers are saying. Today thanks to websites like Easysite even you can start making a website. You don't need to know any technical stuff. You don't need to know any website coding. You only need the idea of what type of website you are going to build. Less than $20.00 p/month. A computer with a internet connection and Easysite.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Making A Website With Easysite

"Thank you for such a wonderful site!"

Iris R

"I just wanted to send a thank you for making Easysite. My husband was deployed to Iraq eight days after our first daughter was born. He has literally seen her grow up using Easysite. I upload photos and videos through your site and wanted to thank you for your service. Friends and family send him greetings through the website, and it has given my husband the opportunity to see our daughter grow up during her first year of life, and that is priceless."

Thank you for such a wonderful site.
Sincerely, Iris R.

Karen D

"I LOVE EASYSITE! It has enabled us to keep our entire extended family updated with new pictures of our new baby. I saw your ad in a magazine and convinced my husband we should try it! I am thrilled to say it was the best money we have ever spent! Our family loves the site and even the grandparents can log on without our assistance. You guys are wonderful and we love everything about Easysite!"

Thanks for keeping our family connected!
Karen D.

Sonya A

"THANK YOU for putting together such a wonderful tool for our family to keep in touch - it truly is awesome! Friends and family always comment on how much time I must put into the site because it looks so professional! They think I'm a genius and I almost hate to tell them that it really is "EASY". Because there are no ads on the site I don't have to worry about what my family will be subjected to when visiting. With so many sites out there like MySpace and Facebook it is refreshing to have Easysite. "

What do I love most about Easysite???...EVERYTHING!!!
Sonya A.


INichelle T

"Wow, what can I say? I can't believe how really easy Easysite is to use. (I guess that's why it's called Easysite.) Thank you so much for creating this service. It has allowed me to keep my family that lives in Hawaii "in touch" with our family here in Arizona. I posted updates just about every week and I love getting comments back from friends and family on what I post. "

Nichelle T.

Sincerely, Sheila W

"The most important thing for me is your staff. When I had a problem because I don't know computers very well, Easysite's staff walked me through it over the phone at my level and were very friendly. That is so important, so thank you to your staff. I have told many people about the ease of this site and I hope they take advantage of it. Our MOPS group here in Hastings, Michigan will be using Easysite for a long time. "

Sincerely, Sheila W.

"Easysite's staff walked me through making my website over the phone at my level and were very friendly and helpful."

Karyn I

"Easysite makes it completely possible for me to make my own website. I don't know much about computers, but Easysite makes me look computer savvy. I love that there are so many options to personalize my site. I also love the piece of mind that I'm using a safe website that my kids can go on with no ads or pop-ups."

Karyn I.

Krissy M

"A friend of mine from Utah told me about Easysite. Once I saw her site I was in love!!! What a wonderful idea to have a website dedicated to families! After I tried Easysite for myself, I immediately gave myself a year subscription for Christmas. All of our relatives live out of state so now they'll be able to keep up with us! Thank you Easysite for being just that, a site that is very simple to maintain and a link between long distant friends and relatives!!!"

I am very thankful to have found you!
Krissy M.

"What a wonderful idea to have a website dedicated to families!"

Bobbi-Jo G

"What I love most about Easysite is that it's private. I can be confidant that my personal information isn't going to be read by whomever happens across it. Since moving 7 hours away from our closest family members, having a website where we can all post family photos and information has become very important to us. Over the past couple of years I've recommended Easysite to many family members and friends. ANYONE can create and maintain an easysite website (even my husband!) The best part is the excellent price. "

You can't beat it.
Bobbi-Jo G.

Kimberly J.

"When we found out we were expecting our first baby I really wanted to create a website to keep in touch with all my friends and family. I knew I did not want to use MySpace because of its bad reputation. After researching other sites, I came back to Easysite because I was so impressed with the nice format and simplicity of the site. I've been a member now for about 4 years and have loved every minute of it so does my family. I even have a link on my website and have recruited many of my family and friends that now have their own easysites. "

Thank you for continuing to update Easysite with great new features.
Kimberly J.

"What I love most about Easysite is that it's so easy to make a website."

Corina S

"I actually came across Easysite accidentally while searching for a web design company. It is so funny because a lot of our friends think I designed my easysite from scratch. They think I'm an awesome web designer and yet all I do on Easysite is a few clicks and it's done, its so easy to make a website."

Thank you Easysite!
Corina S.

Lisa M

"It is so easy to use and it is a great way to share photos. (I don't have to send huge emails with pictures attached anymore.) Everyone who visits my site says that I should get into the web-design business because they think that I designed it. I tell them that it is so easy with Easysite. Since I have started my site, four of my friends and family now have one too. "

I tell everyone about Easysite.
Lisa M.

Patty S

"I simply LOVE Easysite! I found out about EASYSITE through KLTY here in Dallas. I'm now addicted to Easysite. It's a great way for everyone to keep in touch. It really has been a great family tool for me as well as others in my family. Thank you, EASYSITE, for bringing all us together in such a wonderful way. This is truly the easiest website to make your own website. "

Patty S.

"I'm now addicted to Easysite!"

Angela P

"Easysite is like a treasure box! Family and friends and anyone whom I give permission to can securely view my site and keep in touch with our family. The best part is I know that my memories are safe. Plus, you guys are like family too! Whenever I have a question, I just pick up the phone and call. Your service is very customer oriented. I do enjoy all the cutting-edge technology you offer: awesome/professional/fun design templates, music, blog options, etc. I was recommended to you by a friend that has a site and I have since recommended you to many of my friends. If anyone is looking to keep their photos, files, calendar events, jokes, recipes, videos in a safe website." is the place.
Angela P.

Staci B

"I wanted to make website to keep friends and family up to date after we found out we were having our first baby, but I didn't have time to learn complicated web building software. (I am also not a fan of social networking sites.) I came across Easysite and have been hooked ever since. I'm so impressed with the beautiful layouts and features for such an inexpensive price! I regularly update my easysite and even use the blog feature to post great shopping deals that I find. The email blast feature is a quick and simple way to notify everyone of updates. I'm so happy with Easysite that I have referred many family members and friends. "

Staci B.

"I'm so impressed with the beautiful layouts and features for such an inexpensive price!"

Kim F

"I LOVE my webpage. I have received many compliments from friends and family and find it is the best and easiest way to keep everyone updated on what is going on in my life. I just retired and hope to do more traveling. Posting my pictures and comments about each picture is so much easier than trying to send pictures by email. On top of that the site is very attractive and there are so many options to choose from (layout, font, etc). This is the best thing I've come across for communicating with friends and family. "

Kim F.

Jennifer O

"I love your company so much that I have recruited two other families. My sister, Karen, uses her Easysite for her construction business; and my friend, Rachel, uses hers much as I do my personal one - to keep family and friends up-to-date on the goings on of a military family. My best Easysite moment is when you created a Bluebonnets background on my request. But my current favorite feature is the ability to use my photos as a background for my site. It makes it completely personal. Thank you for being such a personable and professional company. "

Jennifer O.

"Thank you for being such a personable and professional company."

Rychane M

"I LOVE my Easysite! I first learned of Easysite in Parenting magazine. My family and I live in Florida, but we have relatives in Kentucky and Alabama. Our Easysite is a way to let everyone know what's new in our lives. It serves as a way to keep everyone close no matter how far apart we live. I even made my Christmas cards this year through your site. Everyone loved them! Thanks for making such a great "product" that helps keep me in touch with my loved ones! "

Rychane M.

Dawn and Kerry M

"I searched for website builders that had a clean look, easy to navigate and had simple options to make changes. I came across and tried out the free 30 days. I was so impressed that I ended up paying for the whole year. Through our easysite, family members are able to get up to the date news on how the kids are doing, birth stats, and milestones. I often get the comment of "it's almost like we're there with you." Easysite has been a great tool in keeping our family close together even though we live so many miles apart. "

Thank you!
Dawn and Kerry M.

"A great tool in keeping our family close together"

Dan F

"My wife is a web designer and even she thinks our site looks great. Since using it, I have dumped my previous web hosting solution and done away with FrontPage entirely. I use my easysite to upload pictures, videos and audio clips for the family. Easysite makes it so easy to upload everything. I also love how you guys are constantly adding features (without increasing the cost.) This is the kind of service you rarely see anymore."

Dan F.

Thanks Easysite, Chantay B.

"Easysite is so simple to use. I love the choices of backgrounds and the variety of options. I also love the fact that you are always making improvements and adding things to make the site even "easier". However, the truly invaluable aspect of having an easysite has been keeping my husband up to date. He is currently serving another tour in Iraq. Although he has email it is very difficult to download photos and virtually impossible for him to download videos. With Easysite that is not an issue. He just goes to the site and is able to view all the photos and videos he wants!! He loves it and it has certainly made it easier on our family to keep in touch and not miss out on the special photo moments!! "

Thanks Easysite
Chantay B.

"My wife is a web designer and even she thinks our site looks great."

Thank you! Sue W

"When I discovered Easysite I was seriously beside myself. I have a passion for music as well as photography so this was the SITE FOR ME! I update constantly and post videos of the boys to send off to friends and family back home. They absolutely LOVE the site and can't believe how easy it is to navigate around. Grandparents are now ordering prints through the site. Easysite is a beautiful way to keep in touch and share the love."

Thank you! Sue W.

Michelle H.

"I love our Easysite website because we can share things with each other that we normally we would not be able to. It is easy for each of us to get on the site and share pictures, messages on the board and even personal blogs. It is wonderful. Thank you for creating Easysite, it has changed the way our entire family communicates."

Michelle H.

"Easysite has changed the way our entire family communicates."

Bridget L

"I'm very pleased with the ease of use of the site and with the many updates and additions that have been made available to me over the years. I love that I can change my background to match my latest updates. I think it is fantastic that features such as font style and text can be changed. Little things go a long way with me. I am also truly impressed with the response that I get whenever I email the site. I have always gotten a response in a short amount of time."

Bridget L.

Eric K

"Making this website has been priceless for our family. My family and I are nine hours away from where we grew up. This means our kids are not able to see their grandparents, and that the grandparents are not able to see their grandchildren. Thanks to my parents saw my son's first time crawling, first time trying to talk, and his first steps through video clips that I uploaded for our family and friends."

Eric K.

"I love that I can change my background to match my latest updates."

Amy H.

"Easysite has helped us in so many ways, from sorting our many photos of our six kids, pets, family outings, and special events to sharing ideas on what to make for supper! I love that I can send an email blast to everyone, at the same time, to let them all know that I've updated the site with pictures or news. The navigation is so simple that even those who aren't computer savvy are able to get around quite easily. You have given us all a helpful tool that closes the distances between us all and a great place where I can take pride and joy in putting up pictures and videos! On top of all that, I ABSOLUTELY love that I can change the look of our site anytime I want and with soooo many great looks and options, I'm changing it constantly! All in all, I love EVERYTHING about Easysite!"

You guys ROCK!
Amy H.

Alissa M

"Until I found I was so overwhelmed with making my own web-page for my business. I was excited to open my own web-store, so I jumped right in! I never knew how easy it could be! Thank you , thank you, thank you!"

Alissa M.

"I love EVERYTHING about Easysite! You guys ROCK!"

Travis B.

"My cousin who is from England moved in with me six years ago. We wanted a way to post pictures for his family and friends to see back home in England. When I found this site we fell in love with it. The convenience of how it operates is amazing. This is one of the best sites ever. Thanks for making it so user friendly. "

God Bless,
Travis B.

Kris P

"I found out about Easysite through a magazine. At the time I was maintaining our own site and it was becoming more work than what I wanted to put into it. With easysite it's so easy! All you need to do is click and add what you want. No maintenance, fixes, upgrades. Just post some updates and enjoy the rest of the day."

Thanks Easysite!
Kris P.

"This is one of the best ways of making a website ever. Thanks for making it so user friendly."

Tonya S.

"It is so easy to start making a website with. Easysite has been so wonderful for our family, thank you for coming up with this business website builder ."

Tonya S.

Amy S

"Creating a website is so easy. We can upload pictures of events at school and keep each other up to date on all the "little stuff" that you never get time to make a phone call about. I'm also using the site as an easy way for us to plan our summer vacation together. Thanks for providing such a great way og making a website."

Easysite is so easy to use!
Amy S.

Darla F

"After months of going back and forth with a "too technical" website for our dance school, a simple prayer was answered. We found the inexpensive way to make a website. Easysite is simple to maintain business website builder, not to mention great customer service. The calendar page is the best! Once the date passes, the event falls off without having to go in and adjust anything."

Thanks Easysite!
Darla F.

"We found the inexpensive way to have a build a website."

Timothy L

"We love our easysite because it lets us share photos, movies, etc. with family back home, looks great, and is still so "easy" to update or change the look of it within literally seconds. We had our own hosted site before and it used to take me hours to update and add photos. We really appreciate all the updates that Easysite makes such as the comments feature, etc."

Timothy L.

Annette B

"Easysite has been the best thing that could have happened to our family. My children were losing contact with each other and slowing drifting apart. I started to build a website using Easysite and sent the link out to all my children. They all started going on to see what it was about, posting pictures and commenting to each other. I had one daughter that had completely detached herself from the family. Last Thanksgiving I posted some pictures and comments about the all the fun we had together. After viewing the site, my daughter contacted us to say that she wanted to come home for Christmas. After ten years of wanting to get her back into the family it was the greatest Christmas we have ever had."

Thank you Easysite!
Annette B.

"The best thing that could have happened to our family "

Steve C

"I can't tell you how often I've made a suggestion to your staff about the website. Their quick responses and ability to listen to customers is amazing. They react very quickly to changes and/or improvements in the website per their customers requests. It's refreshing to work with a company that cares."

Steve C.

Miska R

"Our family uses our site to order pictures that they want to keep for themselves. By viewing the video clips they can hear our children talk and have been able to watch our son learn how to crawl as well as take his first steps. Some of our favorite features are the picture slide shows, the great backgrounds, background music and the ability to easily show videos of our children to family and friends."

Miska R.

"It's refreshing to work with a company that cares."

Ron M

"This site is FUN! All of my family is getting involved, and loving it. We are having so much fun making our own website and found it so easy to use!"

Ron M.

Deanna S

"I found out about Easysite from my daugther-in-law. She started making a website for posting family pictures and I thought it looked really nice. She told me it was easy to use so I signed up and now have created my own website. I never thought I would be able to build my own website. It's really easy with Easysite! Thank you Easysite."

Deanna S.

"This way of making a website is FUN!"

Desiree T

"I love Easysite so much that I used it to make three sites. I use one for my family website. Another for my children's sports team. I'm the room mom for my son's first grade class and I built another website to communicate with the parents. I upload pictures of class parties and events. My son's teacher uses the message board interact with parents. I can't thank you guys enough for making such a great business website builder."

Desiree T.

Anne H

"I'm in the middle of my free 30 day trial of making a website using Easysite and can tell you straight up, I'm buying. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Believe me, I've used at a lot of different services. I wish I'd found you years ago. Must be God's perfect timing and I'm glad I found you when I did. Thanks for providing such a fantastic and affordable service! I'll be shouting it from the web and everywhere else. Easysite Rocks!!!"

Go Easysite!
Anne H.

"I've used at a lot of different services. I wish I'd found you years ago. "

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