9:26 pm

It is late.  I’m tired.  Really tired.  And I’m not clean yet.  This may be a short blog, if you know what I mean.  Today was a great day at the clinic.  The numbers were not overwhelming (tho we still didn’t finish very early), but the acuity was evident.  I shall interpret:  There weren’t as many patients but they were much sicker.

We saw some malnutrition cases today.  Those are tough.  One was abandoned by mom and grandma just wanted some help.  So it was a busy day for everyone – nurses, doctors, suppliers, and the pharmacy.  Everyone had to work together to help improve the lives and health of our patients.

We had some rain in the late afternoon, but it only lasted an hour and was not too heavy.  The team continues to work well together and harder than they really want to work.  The pharmacy continues to be the hero of the clinic – but we still stop at 5:30 (later than normal) just for sheer exhaustion.  All the cards have been checked and they have only about 80 to fill in the morning.  That’s really not too bad.

The line on the street was not too long today, actually.  They had cleared the street line by 10:30, so I thought we’d be in for a short work day.  But all the patients had not been seen by 5 pm, so we let about 90 go home from the sanctuary to be seen in the morning.  They’ve been checked in so that shouldn’t be a problem.  We’ll just see them first.  We’ve been a bit slow staring each day, so maybe tomorrow we will be ready for an early morning rush.  Doctors have been dragging in a bit, and it’s tough to start without them!
Jeremiah Davis (our videographer) started the day with his drone hovering high over head.  The shots were amazing – but the presence of the drone did freak out the security personnel from the military base.  But they were fine once they found out it was us.  I’m sure we’ll see the shots in an upcoming video.  I can’t wait.  It’ll be a few weeks, tho.

Then it was just putting out some fires that flare up from time to time.  Do we have enough lab tests?  (yes we do)  What do we do with special cases?  (we make a list to be approved at a later date)

In the middle of all of that – my friends from the neighborhood showed up again. I’ve been waiting for them.  They are a father/son who come for us to examine dad’s leg.  He’s got a chronic sore above his ankle.  He actually looked better this year.  So Dr. Henry cleaned it all up and put on a Unna Boot.  We have a bunch of them and gave him a supply so that we can see even more improvement next year.  They were so appreciative and gracious.

The rain did come today.  One of the first days of rain on a clinic day.  It was so refreshing.  Triage was done.  The sanctuary was full.  It was not too hard of a rain, mostly just making our shoes Uganda red  It does get everywhere.  It was just for an hour at about 3:30, and not too hard.

By 5 pm the decision was made to stop seeing patients.  The doctors were exhausted.  Then we worked for about another half an hour to clear the pharmacy as much as possible.  Some of us stay away (it is so crowded in there at that time fo day – and stuffy).  Even the cool rain didn’t help the temperature in there.  Their windows blew shut and stayed shut.  So I stayed out.  Maybe that’s the point.  But they made good progress and hope to keep up tomorrow.  They really can’t be backed up going into Friday. And the big (and important) inventory afternoon.

After we got back to Luweero, we dropped off the really tired folks (and/or those who were not up to the shopping challenge – the repeat members of our team) and headed to Luweero to do some shopping.  It was late – like 6:15, but we’d put it off a couple of nights already and just needed to do it.

We bought avocados and limes and onions and tomatoes and garlic, brought it back – and Carol Furlong taught the cooking staff how to make guacamole.  It was delicious – we bought Chipote too.  There are many “flavors” of guacamole, but I thought it was fabulous.  Really delicious spread all over a piece of chipote.

For dinner we had friend chicken, beef, chips (frend fries), rice, veggies, and probably other stuff.  But, hey, its late.

And now I am back in the room with the fan on high.  It’s not hot outside, but just a bit stuffy in the room.  It is past my bedtime (whatever that is).  My shower is next and then off to bed.  Danny and I shot a video for Sunday (now he just has to edit it….but I’m not sure exactly when).  Tomorrow is our last full day of clinic – which is sort of unbelievable.

Keep praying – we need it desperately.

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