23 March 2019 – Busy Weekend

The last few days have been hectic. On Friday, Laura, Pastor Alex and I traveled to Kiwoko hospital to meet with Dr. James who volunteered with the Medical Mission last year. Traveling to Kiwoko took about an hour, with 30 minutes on a very dusty dirt road. It has not rained for a few days and everyone is lamenting the heat and dry weather. After arriving to Kiwoko, a beautiful private hospital compound, we discussed with Dr. James the upcoming medical mission and ways to further ensure excellence in service for patients.

After returning from our journey, Laura and I enjoyed our last night at the Father’s House with the Carroll family. Laura departed Saturday morning and I spent a few hours resting before moving to stay with a family from BPC for my last week in Uganda. Laura’s role on our team cannot be understated. For the few months before coming to Uganda she researched, wrote, and packaged a basic health curriculum for Donela schools. As a pediatric nurse at CHLA, she daily cares for kids and is tasked with teaching their parents how to manage their child’s medical needs upon returning home. Sometimes she has translators, sometimes she has teaching tools, but ultimately, she is responsible for ensuring when a parent leaves the hospital, they know how to care for their child.

The depth and excellence of her teaching at the hospital is the same type of teaching she brought here. No question was turned away, from asking is soda OK to use as soap to teaching women how to manage pain during menstruation. If she did not know the answer, she referred to Life Medical Centre staff. She worked in every way to help people understand and apply the material. I was sad to see her go, her perspective and wisdom were vital to this project. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Laura departed close to noon on Saturday, cutting it close to get to the airport. But she made it and I later found out her driver from BPC drove back roads and around stopped traffic to get her there faster than I’ve ever heard. She ended up having an hour to kill in the airport. Pastor Alex said the other day, “We have a saying in Uganda, if there is a crash, it is a muzungu or a woman.” While I am both and would like to forcefully disagree, there is no denying the way men in Uganda skillfully drive in a hectic environment.

After Captain Dan returned, our faithful driver this past week, I left the Father’s House to move to stay with a family outside of Bombo Town. After driving past the local market where they purchase fruits and vegetables, turning down a few dirt roads, I arrived at my home for the week. At this compound, two couples who work at BPC are neighbors, each with a young child. I like experiencing how deeply interwoven a community is with one another, founded on the basis of their faith and their church. 

Once I arrived, clouds begin converging to darken the sky. Right before the skies opened the power was shut off which I learned they sometimes do before a storm. It rained briefly, the power returned, and we began to cook dinner. I was tasked with cutting green beans and cooking the soup for the fish. Under the careful supervision of my host, I stirred the vegetables over the heat while we discussed strange American foods I eat like turkey and tortillas. We ate on the porch because it has been very hot. I took my usual bucket bath then used the pit latrine after dodging a frog which honestly, I dislike significantly more than the cockroaches on the latrine walls, one of which I unceremoniously kicked out. I slept well despite the heat as it cooled off throughout the night.

This week will be interesting as I work to tie up loose ends from the last three and have conversations to beginning planning for the next Medical Mission. Pray the Lord directs this as we seek to continue ministry with our partners here in Bombo.

– Brooke Adams

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