10:42 pm

Wow, it got late.  And fast.  Of course I sort of know why.  We didn’t get back from Bombo until time for dinner (7 pm).  It wasn’t quite ready, so dinner took a while.  It was delicious though.  Ribs, pizza, chicken, veggie pie, rice, Irish potatoes….and some other stuff.  Tons of food.  Tons of starch.  But they do a nice job and the variety is appreciated. 

No rain tonight.  I miss it a bit.  But tonight as nice to be able to walk around and get some stuff done.  Three of our team members have headed to the airport for early morning flights (Rob and the Lums).  Rob is heading home, the Lums to Egypt.  Hey….they are already over here.

Nine head out to safari before 7 am in the morning.  The other nine of us head to Entebbe (the airport) about 10 am.  Our flight is around 4:20, I think.  We fly to Dubai to overnight.  Then I head to Amman and most head to the States.  One is staying to enjoy Dubai.  So by tomorrow this team will be all over the place.

It’s been a great team.  We worked well together, communicated well, and accomplished much.
The day was pretty normal as it began.  Breakfast at 6:30.  The van leaves at 7:00, the bus at 7:15 (or so).  The crowd at church was not that large.  We were done with Triage by 10:00 am.  Wow.  That was quick.  There were a few stragglers, and I couldn’t say “no” to a child.  Right?

By the time they all worked there way through the doctors and lab and pharmacy, it was past 1:00 I think. We all (even the people of Bombo) were so ready to shut down and pack up.  They served lunch (I passed, the line was way too long).  By 2 pm they were gearing up for the closing service.  It began in earnest by 2:20 I think (ahead of schedule).  It was not too long and was completed just after 3 pm.  It’s always a wonderful time of praise and singing and dancing and celebrating a task well done by God’s power.

For us, it was now time to get to work.  The Container had done some inventory already, but not too much.  And the pharmacy had not done any (which is as expected).  So they had to go through every drug to check for expiration (all that will expire before the next clinic is donated to Life Medical Centre).  There was a good deal.  It seems we had a lot of drugs left on the shelves, which is often not the case. 

By 3 pm the pharmacy was completely done and clean and had everything packed away in the Container.  The data collected is invaluable in providing a guideline for wise ordering for 2020.  We crawled back onto the bus.  Maybe shuffled is a better word.  The younger folks still had some energy – but not us old folks.  It was enough.  And we were ready to head “home.”  Dr. James (medical director) said he was just getting into the swing of things.  I nodded and thought that five and a half days was plenty long enough.  Even the folks at Bombo are beat.  They “get” to come back tomorrow and clean up everything and put the classroom furniture back in place.  What a huge task.  We have really interrupted their lives.  But they love servig the Lord and providing this service to the community.

I have delegated data collection to Noah MacDonald and the one printed copy of the numbers I gave to Dr. James to report to the entire team – so I don’t have the exact figures.  But this I know – positive malaria tests were in the 41% range.  That is probably triple our average coming into this year.  That is a significant increase. Significant.

But it was a great clinic.  I mean how often do you get an offer to become Uganda’s Ministry of Health.  That’s beyond our scope and purpose.  Ha.  But the community is thrilled with the services we provide and the smiles as they go their way are so encouraging.  Encouraging enough so that I don’t complain about my aching feet.

I guess that about wraps up this day.  I may do another over the next couple of days (when I can get some rest and some perspective).  But the blogs themselves will continue – as technically my journey to Israel/Jordan begins tomorrow.  I’ll be sending daily journals throughout the trip. Let me know if you are interested.  The blogs will also appear at www.easysite.com/israel

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