7:30 pm

What a modern age – the rest of the team has landed in Dubai (over an hour ago) and all my teammates here already know everything about their experiences.  Wow. Literally a very small world.  But they arrived in Dubai safely and are headed to their hotels now.  And dinner at the Beirut Lounge as an option.

Us?  We are sitting under the porch at The Father’s House enjoying the sound of rain on the tin roof.  It is cooler (no sweatshirt needed) and the occasional breeze cools things off.  We just wrapped up dinner (rice, potatoes, beef, cooked veggies) with bananas for dessert.  Oh, and some See’s Candy (it was a birthday gift to me and I brought it to share).  It was/is delicious.

Today we began the long task of setting up for the clinic.  Among the things we did were:  set up the administrative office; “unload” the Container; unpack the new drugs from our supplier in Kampala; and…well, whatever else needed some attention.  It was a busy day, but far from exhausting.  Managing seven people is quite different from managing 20 (which we will be in just a day). 



It was nice to greet some special friends here in Bombo.  Everyone is busy converting classrooms into medical offices.  That is quite a task, but so necessary.  They start from scratch each year and by Sunday we’ll be ready to see patients…I hope.  We have plenty to do in getting ready for that moment as well.
The cooks made us a delicious lunch today.  The highlights?  Chipote and fresh avocado. Delicious bananas, plus potatoes and rice and cabbage and….all kinds of things.  It was yummy.

Alex was our driver today – he picked us up in the morning and brought us back in the evening.  Tomorrow he’ll take us to Bombo, and then he and I will come back and get all our luggage and then deliver it to Luwero.  But I will do some “supervising” first.  There is a bus to go to Entebbe to pick up our team at the airport.

Pretty uneventful day, from a journaling perspective.  Lots of counting of boxes of pills.  A bit of scanning in of all the supplies brought from home in our tubs.  Some hooking up of computers and printers (we didn’t blow any fuses. Yet).  So all is good in Bombo.  The two rainstorms have been lovely.  And as soon as there is hot water, I’ll be in the shower and then heading toward bed.  It doesn’t pay to go to bed too early – how long can an old guy sleep?  Not long enough.

We look forward to another great day tomorrow – and to have our whole team together.  It’s nice to all be together.  Finally.

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