8:01 pm
Dinner is done – and it was good.  Fish.  Plus a bunch of carbs.  But the fries were good and the avocado salad delicious.  It was an interesting day today.  Very interesting.  Where shall I begin?

I guess I’ll start with the first challenge of the day, from which I think I responded pretty well.  I got to the church and was setting up my work space….when I realized there could be a problem.  My computer turned on (I think) but the screen never got going.  Maybe there was a faint hint of light around one edge, but nothing more.  I rebooted several times.  Plugged it into some power.   Rebooted again.  Nothing.
I called in the experts.  Nothing.

The conclusion was that the screen malfunctioned somehow.  There was no warning.  There was nothing I did (no, I didn’t drop it or get it wet….this time).  So I set it aside and figured out a workaround.  Lindsey brought in her computer and said, “I knew you’d need it today….so I brought it.”  Well, she was right and I got hers ready to work for me.  The problem is that I’d been working on the drug list all day on Friday and the only copy was on my laptop.  That, and my church email account had been hacked a while ago and I set a new password.  But do you think I could remember it?  Or my password file keeper could remember it?  Nope.  So I can only get email on my phone.  For now.  That’s survivable.

The day pressed on and the drug list was recreated from an older copy on the cloud.  But the changes had been significant.  But I sat with Laura Tice and recreated it line by line.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but it was an exacting half an hour at least.  So I think the drug list is final.  But one never knows in my position.
I’m not sure when, but at some point in the early afternoon, I was in the Container (store room) doing some work when It started to rain.  Hard.  Really hard.  Uganda hard.  So I figured I could wait it out, it surely won’t last too long.  So I waited.  Worked.  Waited and waiting.  The downpour slowed but the rain never stopped.  I gave up waiting and ran back to “my office” trying not to slip in the mud.  Oh, and by then I had Lindsey’s laptop with me – inside a kitchen trash bag and under my shirt (I left my raincoat in the office, it was cloudy and dark…but it’s like that a lot).  I didn’t drop her laptop or get it wet.  Whew.

So work outside came to a stop.  It rained the rest of the day while we were in Bombo.  It was letting up just as we left, after 5 pm.  That was the longest stretch of rain I’ve ever experienced in Uganda.  It’ll rain and rain hard, but never for too terribly long.  But today it rained long and hard.

I’m not sure how much the rain interrupted the planned setup today.  But there are no tents or chairs on site yet for the clinic.  The doctor rooms are mostly set up, but need some work.  We shall see what tomorrow brings in that regard – probably a lot of work, that’s what.

There was a doctor orientation meeting this morning.  Nurses too.  It got off to a slow (late) start, but I guess was well received and profitable.  That was really the highlight of the day.  Dr. James led the orientation for the doctors and Lindsey Welch led it for the nurses.

In the middle of all of that we had lunch in my office.  And Brooke worked on organizing all the donated scrubs (there are a bunch).  The container team worked on getting all our supplies into the database (they are almost done…but more drugs arrive tomorrow).  The pharmacy got the drugs arranged and spent the rest of the day packaging drugs.  They had help from a bunch of locals and had some fun doing it all.  It did get rather dark in there (the power eventually went off and there were no light bulbs – but the did arrive).

Everyone worked really hard.  We are already tired and we haven’t seen a patient yet.  How does that happen?
As we were getting on the bus, Morris showed up with my laptop. He had taken it to downtown Kampala to the Apple Store to see if it could be repaired.  I’m not sure if it could be repaired because they just said to bring it back on Monday.  He has already driven in the opposite direction to Luweero to buy an adapter so we could hook the computer up to an external monitor.  We tried that and it didn’t work.  We didn’t have an adapter that was Mac compatible.  So we went into town.

It was a bit of an odd day in that we couldn’t ever find the 168 AA batteries we were supposed to have in storage.  So Morris bought us some batteries in Bombo.  Crisis averted.  And then we never found the Triple Antibiotic Cream.  Yes, the cream I didn’t order last year so we didn’t have…and somehow, even though I knew it was a big priority, it didn’t make it in our supplies.  I don’t think it is available in Uganda, so it’s an important tool in our arsenal.  We have one last chance with our photographer arriving on Monday night.  We are hoping he can pick some up and bring it.

Anyway, back to Morris.  He brought the correct cable, so we snagged a monitor from the church and came back to our hotel.  “We” hooked it up – and Bryan Tuttle got it to work. So we shall see how it does after transporting my contraption back to Bombo in the morning.

And then the dilemma for me is this:  how can I blog and upload pictures while I’m in Israel?  I have an idea, but I have to decide if its worth it.  I do like to stay in touch while away – and blog daily for my dad to follow along (and others as well).  So I will sleep on that for tonight and get some advice.

And so the day ends.  Wet.  Tired.  Excited about this team and what God can do through us.  Pray for the good spirit to continue as the pressure of the clinic builds in the days to come.  I think we’ve done the best we can do to prepare – so now God needs to use all of that to communicate His love and grace to the community.

We do get to sleep in a bit tomorrow (if that’s possible). Breakfast is not until 7:30 and the bus doesn’t leave for church until 8:30.  Wow – that’s almost a vacation over here.  Off to my night routines with bed as the goal.  Pray for a good night of sleep for us all.

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