Hello, it’s Brooke and I’m back in Bombo, Uganda so get ready for a new edition of Brooke’s Bombo Blogs! I am severely disappointed I did not coin this name in March, but better late than never.
I’m back in Bombo for Phase 2 of Health Together. After a successful month here in March, I am excited to see what progress has been made and how we can best support Life Medical Clinic, Donela Schools, and Bombo Pentecostal Church in health education efforts.

After the usual flights from Los Angeles to Dubai then to Uganda, I arrived at Entebbe Airport on Friday. Millie Ojera and Pastor Angelo met me at the airport from which we went to exchange money at a nearby mall. We enter onto the road where there is always construction to improve this major road from the airport to Kampala. Thanks to this road, though, we do not have to cut through the center of Kampala but can travel around it.

Arriving in Uganda is always a bombardment of stimuli for the senses. I quickly readjust back to nonverbal cues in conversation and how to speak to be clearly understood. My adrenaline spikes the first few miles of driving in the traffic with boda-bodas (motorcycles) zipping by and people using the opposite lane to pass, but quickly calms. The smells and the sounds and cows crossing the streets become familiar again.

Saturday, I met with Life Medical Clinic (LMC) to begin discussing public health education plans for both the Medical Mission and community outreaches to be conducted after the Mission based on our findings from the March surveys. I am confident by the end of this trip LMC will have created a clear plan to implement sustained health education in the community.

Sunday, I attended church at Bombo Pentecostal Church (BPC). I was greeted by many of my friends as I walked from the car to my seat, my family here. Every time I am here immersed in Bombo, since my first trip serving with the Medical Mission in 2016 through this past March trip for Health Together, I deepen these relationships. Serving together, laughing together, cooking together, eating together, and just sharing experiences has bonded me to this community.

After church, I went to Maggie and Morris’ home for lunch. In March, I lived with them my final week in Bombo. I played with their older son, Manu, who is about three and has endless energy. He talked about Superman and showed me a new Avengers poster on their wall. It began to rain as we ate together, Manu thanking God for the soda in his prayer. 

What a gentle reminder that God not only hears our prayers but loves to hear our prayers. Our prayers of thanksgiving and lament are all desire by our Creator.

So, let me pose some prayer requests for the moth ahead.


  • Pray for wisdom for LMC as they plan and discern the best course of action for health education.
  • Pray for all those who have and will receive health education through Health Together, let it be an avenue for them to see and meet God.
  • Pray for the Medical Mission preparation, safety during mission, and that people are able to understand the healing power of Christ beyond physical suffering.
  • Pray for energy as this month progresses.
  • Pray for team unity and personal impact for all those involved.

Thank you for your support and prayers, I look forward to updating you. This week I will be meeting with all the teachers who taught the Health Together curriculum in their classroom to evaluate it. I believe this will be a great time of learning for all those involved. I’m hitting the ground running as we continue this journey of Health Together

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