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The team has all arrived (well, our videographer is still coming….and I’m not actually sure when).  But the last of the group has arrived from the States.  We just finished dinner (it was delicious) and now we are settling down into our first night in Luweero.  Those of us who were at The Father’s House sure do miss the views of that hillside and the smallness of the feel.  But this place fits us much better (and the private bathroom with a running shower are quite the plus).  Not for all.  But for most.

It was another rather uneventful day.  Pancakes with peanut butter and bananas for breakfast.  They even had real syrup – a first for Uganda in my memory.  We packed up after breakfast and the people (minus Noah) when to church with Bishop Alex.  Alex came back to The Father’s House and picked up the luggage and took it with Noah out to Luweero.  We couldn’t fit all seven of us and our luggage in a van.

While they were gone we were busying doing…stuff.  The pharmacy takes a lot of work to get up and running.  And our crew running the pharmacy is new to this part of the work, and neither were with us last year.  So it’s an adventure.  A good one, but still an adventure.  They are doing a great job and will finish things some time tomorrow – perfect timing.

The container is getting organized as well.  It’s mostly computer work these days since most of the supplies can sit on their shelves all year long.  It’s a complicated project to add the new supplies to the inventory and then get them on the correct shelf.  They will be at their full strength tomorrow and we’ll be humming.
All I know about today is that a lot shillings went out (and none came in…they never do, btw).  The things I couldn’t order from home are now getting ordered (HIV test kits, xray supplies….stuff like that).  But it’s a lot better than it used to be.  We aren’t running into Kampala looking for supplies and drugs.  I haven’t even been into Kampala this year – and if all goes well, I won’t.  I’m not sad about that (though I’ll miss my buddies at Hotel Triangle).

There was one young father from the church in desperate need today.  There was something wrong with his newborn that requires surgery.  The children of Peninsula have given a chunk of money for us to use for just such a need – children.  So I was happy to provide the funds for the surgery.

The team that arrived tonight is exhausted.  The team that’s worked for two days is exhausted.  I’m not sure what this means for the start of the clinic on Sunday. It’ll be great though, because so many are praying back home and we have a couple of nights to sleep before the clinic opens in earnest.  We have a lot of folks who are new this year and that is so exciting.  It brings fresh eyes to what we do and keeps us seasoned veterans exploring new options.  That is not a bad thing at all.  There were a lot of fresh faces at dinner tonight – and that was exciting.

I can’t wait to see what God does through this team.  I do have one confession – I forgot to take any pictures today.  Oops.  A website without new pictures is not a good thing.  Maybe tomorrow.  Let’s hope.  Doctor orientation is at 10.  We have some work to do in preparation.  So off to bed for now.


Oh wait...and addendum.  I did take a video today.  It was hysterical.  A vehicle of some sort (see my Instagram account) show up blaring music.  And I mean blaring music.  It was around a while.  And then it started to take off, followed by a bus.  Everyone in both vehicles was wearing the same t-shirt -- I think the medical mission t-shirt for 2019.  They were going out to drive the neighborhoods announcing the 2019 clinic to everyone within ear shot.  It was our own mini parade.  And with the music blaring they'd get lots of attention.  So they are working hard to get the word out....the clinic opens Monday.

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