And so it begins... the 2018-19 school year kicks off and we need your help to start it off right.  Thank you for your help with the Blitz Stuffing.   We now need you to sign up to help with the Driving Musicians around the city for the Blitz (August 19)

Sign up HERE


2018 UAOPA Picnic - Sunday August 26

UAOPA's annual kick-off picnic is here again!  We need volunteers to help with food tables, uniform fittings, and stations to help families purchase yard signs, Maestro Circle memberships, senior ads and pay for bass/cello fees!

Please sign up here.

Thanks in advance for helping out with our volunteer jobs!


Has your child outgrown their uniform, or really just needs a new pair of tux pants due to some unfortunate incident?  Please sign up here for a fitting time-slot at the picnic on August 26.










Support UA OPA with your Amazon Purchases
Support UA OPA with your Amazon Purchases