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Your on the soccer team at school and the team coach wants to know how to make a sports team website what do you do? Tell the coach that you will design and make the sports team website yourself using Easysite.

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Create Your Club Or League Website Today

When you make a sports team website using Easysite.com you will find our website builder has all the tools and features you need to build a professional website.

We have helped thousands of people just like you with little or no web design knowledge create websites. It does not matter what sports team you manage the stress is all the same - register players, collect forms and fees. Make sure the players have medical insurance, arrive on time for their events and the list goes on and on. Creating your own website with Easysite will help you streamline your sports team administration.

Think about it. Having your own sports team website means that you can add pictures, videos, write-ups about the sports events and lots more. Players can become members on the website and also add their comments, photos and videos. It really is easy to add content using our HTML editor.

Add Game Dates, Times And Location

If you have a team or are in a team a sports team website is a must. In todays world if your not on the internet then you have problems. Think about it, your team is playing away. Its fine for the team as they will be traveling to the away games by bus. What about parents and fans? Your sports team website would let everyone know the date, place and time of any away games displayed on your online calendar. That's right here at Easysite we have a calendar that you can use on your website to keep fans updated of all your sports events.

Easily Update Your Sports Website

Your sports team needs a website thats easy to make and manage. We know you guys probably have no coding knowledge and have never made a website before. You need a site builder that is easy to change the look and feel of your site, update, add pictures, videos, and even a shopping cart. Easysite.com is your complete, full package, web building solution. With our easy to learn tools, features and HTML editor, you, the coach, and even team members and their families and friends can work as a team to score the best sports team website ever. With just a little practice you will be uploading new pictures, videos even selling team T-Shirts to your fans on your own store page.

Things To Include

A Team Photo

Team sports websites should have a large team photo on the homepage. This should be the first thing visitors to your site see. You can also have text under the photo with the names of the team. This will be a great way to introduce team members to visitors. Its a good idea to have the latest team photo on your home page for the current year. Old sports team photos from previous years should be placed in a archive gallery of team pictures, the link displayed below the team photo.

Practice Schedules And Game Times And Places

Are you still printing practice schedules and game times? If you make your own sports team website using Easyite there will be no need to print practice schedules and game times and hand them out. You never have to print another piece of paper again! In your website menu you include a "Practices" and "Game Schedule" link and build two pages named practices and game schedule when players or visitors click those links they will get all the relevant information displayed on your online calendar. Easysite makes it easy, if players and fans want a printed copy, they can print it themselves.

A Team Shopping Cart

Did you know that we include eCommerce software free with every site that gets built using Easysite. Unlike other site builders that you have to upgrade to get a shopping cart costing you more we include it free. No need to upgrade. Through our shopping cart platform, you can collect dues and sell team gear. Never do you have to collect dues or handle money or checks again. Team members, or their parents or guardians pay you by credit or debit card online, and the money goes straight into the team bank account with a little help from PayPal. Selling team t-shirts, hats from your own store page has never been easier.

Try It Free

We want you to try make your sports team website free - We will let you use all our features www.easysite.com has to offer including our shopping cart platform to see how it all works for 30 days. No credit card required sign up below.

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