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For Immediate Release Family Social-Play Theme (Our 2021 Summer Challenge)

Source: History of the U.S. Prison System


Update: Beginning May 1, 2021 (May 1 - August 31)--All 100% White Ethnicity American Adults Must Report To Their Assigned Prison.


Beginning June 1, 2021--(March; May - August) annual hosted socialization of White American Appreciation Month. This year's pretend-play social theme is "All 100%-White Ethnicity American Adult Genders: Go To Jail Then Prison."  Instructions to follow.


     The above theme suggested is so unrealistic yet, understanding the seriousness of the value of our legal and criminal systems, nationally. You are invited to participate.

We/I Have To Remember ... The name-calling words associated with the multi-racial/bi-racial ethnicity... Oreos, Mermaids, Mulattos; for African-American ethnicity ... the N-word, black slaves, and name-calling of Asians who live in America, too.  Thankfully, they will serve their time the entire month of March and summer (May - August).



     The Senate passed the ACT bill by a slim margain just before 11:49 p.m. EST on Sunday, 2/28th. In the middle of the night, every white adult American was transported to jails within their local jurisdictions. These criminals will stay at their jail assignments through April 1, 2021. From May - August, such criminals will be instructed to return to be transported to prisons across the country. 


     Due to COVID-19, most people are working remotely. Who's working? According to hiring managers, most of their recent hiring openings were filled with a majority of white adults vs. people-of-color adults.


     Instructions: You will need to fill the newly open positions by the end of the day. You must find job seekers and hire them quickly ... find people who have similar skills that normally wouldn't have such hiring opportunities. Have you reviewed the "Free Speech: Saving the American Music Industry Bill"?  If you haven't, I would suggest reviewing it before sharing new song tracks on the Internet. Overall, the bill requires music publishing companies to provide free copyright samples for online viewing for any new music work of both musicians and singers. In common words, songs without sample sets will not be released on the Internet.



Feb. 26, 2021--Family Social-Play Theme: Family Social-Play Theme: There has still been no word of the ruling by the Senate yet. The House recently approved another law of an amendment to the now-former 1964 Civil Rights Act. ...Click to read it here


The House approved our ACT because they found that a majority of 100% pure white adults participated in the following criminal activities:
1. Incited the largest riot the country has ever seen on January 1, 2021. Fact: The riot was so productive that it is one for the history books, four sure, of social extremes in our country; younger generations will read about the day that 100% of pure whites tried to force all
Americans to live on the planet Mars.
2. Engaged in physical force, during the riot, with entrepreneurs in our local communities, nationally, to force them to close their businesses from January 1 - February 21st.
3. Engaged in the physical force of relocating families from their homes to homelessness or work camps. Facts: There was a 29% increase in homelessness, nationally, from January 1 - February 21st.
4. Engaged in building underwater home structures within our four oceans for all Americans to live. Such home structures did not consider the financial burdens placed on each economic classification of  Americans. FYI: There were no affordable-housing program plans associated with such home-structure buildings mentioned.
5. Forced all school-aged students to choose their own school of choice to attend. Facts: Just after the riot, it was discovered that many students had chosen school institutions outside of their community jurisdiction causing entrepreneurial demands of building more schools too quickly. The students had chosen schools that allowed them to listen to music based upon their own genre preferences, also. The loss of home contractors, during the said time, was too great, nationally. Many construction workers have since quit or retired causing a new hiring demand for construction workers. We now need, nationally, masons, journeypersons, and general laborers because of the riot.
7. Engaged in not paying musicians and singers for social events just before the riot. These were both live and virtual concerts from January 1 - February 21st.
8. Engaged in stealing new song lyrics of American music artists from January 1 - February 21st.
9. Engaged in allowing the general public to listen to--not the new song track samples typically used but the entire song collection of new albums of artists on the World Wide Web--for free. Fans didn't have to pay to download at all from January 1 - February 21st. 


*On February 24, Congress, both the House and the Senate, recently enacted the "Free Speech: Saving the American Music Industry Bill".


     An overview of the bill, demands that all musicians and singers who have made a record or song track from 1960 - present date must receive royalties first before their music publishing companies receive their fees of such royalty payments. Our cherished current musicians and singers are now hereby required to create a free-sample demo available to their fans and the general public for "each song" that they produce.  The free-sample version will be the only music played by DJs, shared, distributed, uploaded on the World Wide Web via music publishing company licenses only. Fans and the general public will be allowed to continue sharing such music samples on any web platform of their choosing on the World Wide Web--as long as it has a share-tab icon attached to such music work by either the music artist, the music publishing company, or the owner of a web site platform (domestic or international) such as the YouTube web platform.


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