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"Some say that I am too transparent as a public servant; my leadership mission will be that my Administration's activities will be, too."



Highly Qualified: Leadership and Experience Summary

Who is Sherlene Stevens?


She is a long-standing community worker and civic leader.

Sherlene began a profession in helping others in 1978 when

she became a member of a local, Maryland, 4-H club.  Some

of her many earlier leadership projects included community

leadership and child care/education. Sherlene proved her ability

by becoming the first African American (Kent) county ambassador.

Today, Sherlene is the first to design a national family-bonding portal

supporting families and U.S. principles of business finance literacy.


Religious view: Christianity, former member (due to forced marriage challenge) and lay speaker of the United Methodist Church denomination (regional headquarters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).


Born: Sherlene D. Stevens. July 23, 1971 in Chestertown, Maryland.


Marital status: Divorced. Formerly married to Wallace Gould, Jr. (March, 1991- Feb, 2007)


Children: Lanene, Je'lynn, Marcus, and Aliza.


Alma mater:

Wilmington University; Jones International University (closing in 2015)


Also attended

Chesapeake College;

Delaware State University Dover campus (business departments and buildings closed while in process 1997-); and, 

Sojourner Douglass Edgewater, Maryland campus [Annapolis, Maryland area](closed 2/21/2015, took a few classes there to fulfill credits of Delaware State University)


High School

Queen Anne's County High School



Home school; Garnett Elementary School; Chestertown Middle School


Community worker: 1978-present


What skills and talents does Sherlene have that would serve me, as my President?


She is very familiar with all facets of the education industry:

Head Start, home schooling, public schooling, private schooling,

charter schooling, and on-line college experiences. Sherlene

initiated the first summer school program for disadvantaged city youth

in her community.  The program was successful for several years and

ended when her home state of Maryland implemented a more formal

summer school program for all of its public school students. Sherlene

was challenged with her own educational endeavors during higher

education reform nationally. It made it impossible for her to graduate

(education concentration) from her attending college after receiving a

full scholarship (including grants). Her undergraduate studies include

Business Administration, Education, Psychology, and History. She is the

first to actually complete all semesters of undergraduate studies within

her immediate maternal family. Sherlene received her master’s

(Leadership and Influence) in 2012. Sherlene is a mother/co-parent of four

biological children of which she home schooled during their early years. 


Sherlene is a mixed-race individual: African American and Native American.

She is a part of a five-generational family (maternal) who has always lived

in our great country. Her family has a long history of helping others in the local

area of Kent County, Maryland. Sherlene has several family members who have

and is currently serving our country. Many others have held positions in the

public-service sector of our government agencies.


Sherlene is ambitious, dedicated, and concerned about members of

these United States.  She is a conservative Republican leader who would like

to finally end the transition of reform components of American education institutions.

She is a leader of families and citizen rights to pursue America’s freedoms and choices. 


Quick Summary of Qualification


4-H/Public Servant

Member - Chestertown Reachouts

Board - Kent County 4-H; Chestertown Reachouts

Education - Tutor, First to create a summer school curriculum for youth in the state of Maryland;

Early Childcare projects

Leader - Reformed club in city limits, renamed "Young Developers," Ambassador for the 4-H Youth program, County and State (town meetings [Chestertown], etc.) 

Ongoing - Tried to reform a day care center in Chestertown by using an existing state building and program, including an education choice component. Then, felt like hell began for me ....

Now - Founder and Principal Director of nonprofit, A Time To Learn Academy; state certified educator of all grade levels (0 to Grade 12). Yup, in all grade levels: had me in college and training for that long. 



*Very influential Democrat-party areas and regions


State of Maryland's Eastern Shore, Native, Child, Resident 1971 - 1984


State of Virginia, Teen, Resident short-time experience at the Fort Lee Military Housing, summer 1985


State of Maryland's Eastern Shore, Teen, Resident, 1985-1989

1985 – 1989:     A part of the first high school student body to participate in the National Standardized Test assessments (Civics). Other tests completed Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Relevant coursework: Civics, U.S. History I & II, American Literature, American Writers, Government, and Contemporary Issues.


1986 - 2008:      Received mentorship and job counseling from a work-training state government agency: Workforce Investment Act (WIA), formerly Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), State of Maryland and Delaware.


1987 - Present:  Community Worker and Civic Leader (from 1978 - present Sherlene participated in 4-H as a member, county ambassador, leader, and alumnist); summer office assistant (1987, 1988) at a local branch office of the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.


1987 - 1989:      Member of local Future Business Leaders of America (Queen Anne’s County, Maryland)


1988:                 Received the Stanley B. Sutton Challenge to Serve Award (4-H), and awarded a full college scholarship to pursue a teaching/leadership career to become an employed educator in her native community (Kent County, Maryland).


1989:                 County Ambassador (Kent); graduate of Queen Anne's County High School


1989 – 2008:     First-time generation college years (four higher education institution participations; state and private). Major(s): Business Education, General Studies; Minor(s): Gifted and Talented Education, age 0 - Grade 12; Psychology; and, History. Relevant coursework:

  1.  Speech Fundamentals,
  2.  Principles of Microeconomics,
  3.  Principles of Macroeconomics,
  4.  Accounting,
  5.  Legal Environment of Business,
  6.  Principles of Management,
  7.  World Literature,
  8.  African American Literature I & II,
  9.  World Civilization II,
  10.  Human World Views I & II,
  11.  Public Policy and Social Issues,
  12.  Introduction to Sociology, and,
  13.  Critical Thinking. In addition to several education course focus.

1990:               Community College Ambassador (Chesapeake College)


1992 - 1998:    Attended Delaware State College, Dover, DE while living in Maryland's Eastern Shore


1994 - 1996:    Designed and maintained a separate alternative classroom format to serve under served gifted-and-talented (middle school), Title 1 public school youth.


State of Delaware, 2007-2012. Adult, Resident. HUD Housing Region, Section 8 - Philadelphia, Pennyslvania


2008:               Graduate and holds a bachelor's degree in General Studies. Wilmington College (now University, New Castle, Delaware


2009-2011:      Community Worker: Employment Services Agency (Wilmington, DE; Skillful Contractors Group) during a time when most local staffing agencies were closing; Mentor/Partnership: Department of Labor, state of Delaware (2009 - 2012, during the recession event challenges, when a large majority of staffing agencies and temp agencies left the urban communities; volunteer task - employment counselor to the general public, including people with disabilities). As an employment counselor, I provided employment and support training services to my referred clients: career planning, job placement/leads, and ongoing employment supports.


2011 – 2012:   Graduate and holds a master’s degree, Jones International University. Relevant coursework: leadership and conflict resolution course focus. Volunteered and answered calls for the (national) 211 Delaware, and created and maintained a help-link hotline for the counties on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland (2009 - 2012, rural community). 


2012:               Author of The Script in My Box: A Journal of Forgiveness (Tate Publishing)


*A former member of NAEYC, and 4-H Youth Development (civic organization), Maryland.


Washington, DC, December 2012 - Present. Resident and Running Candidate

2012 - Present:    Lives in Washington, DC


Facebook Page (Sherlene Stevens, Politician)


Note: 1880s Public Elementary Schools, High Schools, and College Introduced. Title 1 School Program Act  (1965). Today, known as the No Child Left Behind Act (2001).


 Policies and Laws: Jobs and Education

Time Capsule, Year I Was Born, 1971 - Now


1971 Federal aid to Native American education by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Harvard University Center for Law and Education; First e-mail was sent.


1972 Title IX of the Education Amendments: Prohibited discrimination against students based on sex and imposed limits on single-gender institutions


1973 The Arab Oil Embargo


1974 Equal Educational Opportunities Act


1974 Bilingual Education Act 1974


1974 Educational Amendments: Consolidated some federal programs and established the National Center for Educational Statistics.


1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act; Education for All Handicapped Children Act


1978 Career Educational Incentive Act: Provided for the creation of career education programs in elementary and secondary schools; The National Energy Act


1979 Department of Education Organization Act: Created the cabinet-level Department of Education by consolidating education programs from other federal departments.


1982 Job Training Partnership Act: Adult and Youth 


1983 Report on the current state of the nation's education system by the National Commission on Excellence in Education. A public report titled A Nation at Risk and America's Competitive Challenge: The Need for a Response and Action for Excellence: A Comprehensive Plan to improve Our Nation's Schools


1984 Child Abuse Amendments of 1984


1985 Introduction of the charter school model


1985 Montgomery GI Bill: Provided education benefits to veterans entering active duty after 1985 (extended in 1991).


1986 Public report titled A Nation Prepared and Tomorrow's Teachers


1986 Age Discrimination in Employment Act Amendments of 1986; Americans with Disabilities Act of 1986


1986 Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act


1987 Creation of the nongovermental National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


1988 Drug-Free Workplace Act; Lead Contamination Control Act; Ocean Dumping Ban Act


1990 Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments; Older Workers Benefit Protection Act: Americans with Disabilities Act  


1991 Education Report from the National Education Goals Panel


1991 America 2000: An Education Strategy: Released by former president, George Bush, Sr


1992 Goals 2000: Released by former president William Clinton;

Educate America Act: Created the National Education Standards and Improvement Council to develop voluntary national skills standards for local districts.


1993 Family and Medical Leave Act


1995 Privatization of local public schools. Selected public schools participated in organizing as a "for-profit" school model.


1996 Proposition 209 (California): Prohibits the use of race-based and gender-based preference in hiring, contracting, and education.


1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act. Passed the House July 18, 1996. Passed the Senate July 23, 1996 (My birthday and the final year of me being visually seen as a full-time educator at Title 1 School Zone, Chestertown, Maryland). Signed into law by (Pres. William Clinton-Democrat) on August 22, 1996.


1997 Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997: Created the Hope Scholarship Program for college students. 


1998 Charter School Expansion Act: Provided for expansion of charter schools; Workforce Investment Act; Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program [loans established after October, 1, 1998]; Hope Scholarship Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit (college).


*It was at this time that I was not allowed to complete my double major program at Delaware State University, a first-semester senior (1:2).  Note: As a result of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, beginning July 1, 2010, federal student loans under the FFEL Program are no longer made by private lenders. All new federal student loans come directly from the U.S. Department of Education under the Direct Loan Program.


2001 Education Report from the National Education Goals Panel


2001 No Child Left Behind Act: Reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and contains the policy initiatives of President George W. Bush, Jr., which include testing and accountability measures and school choice provisions for parents of children attending low performing schools, aka Title 1 School Program Act (1965).







Sherlene Stevens says...
"Year of 2015, my 37th year of being a public servant." (1/4/15)