Q. When were you born?

A.  July 23, 1971


Q. Are you an American citizen?

A. Yes. My ethnicity is African-American and Native-American.


Q. Where were you born?

A. I was born in Chestertown, Maryland.


Q: What is your political standing?

A. I am a (conservative) Republican. A conservative who supports the definition of family, traditional gender participations, and using traditional rules or foundations as a tool in my viewpoints.


Q. I am a Democrat, can I vote for you in the next election?

A. Yes, you may vote for me. You have the right to vote for "the best" candidate,

whether Republican or Democrat. It does not mean that you are no longer

affiliated with your given party (i.e., Democrat, Independent, etc.).


Q. Have you ever attended college?

A. Yes, I have attended college. I have a master's (2012) in Leadership and Influence,

and a bachelor's (2008) in General Studies (Law: Business and Education). Initially,

I wanted to be a school teacher (before the remaking of American education, 1989-).

I have also explored becoming a child care director, and principal and founder of a

non-public school in my home town.


Q. Are you married?

A. No, I am not married. I am divorced, and co-parenting four biological children.

My children, three girls and one boy, reside in my home state of Maryland with their father. 


Q. What are your interests?

A. I am an advocate of families. My interests are the fine arts, and providing

home schooling (alternative education choices) experiences to early learners.


Q. What makes you human?

A. I love and I dislike. I am a mother of two teenagers and two younger children

who were born a year a part.  I have worked several jobs at one time to make

ends meet.  I have been a participant of government welfare programs after a divorce

(2007). In summary, I have endured and overcome many life challenges.


Q. What is your presidential campaign philosophy?

A. I believe that families are the ultimate definition of our country's description.

We must allow families to make choices  for themselves so that we may continue

to appreciate our unique freedoms. There are so many other countries that do not

have the freedoms that we now hold.


Q. What is your slogan for your campaign?

A. I am running a family-focused theme campaign. My mission is to re-energize

American families and values. My slogan is We're Ready to Modernize with Choice


Q. What leadership positions have you held to prepare your run in the 2016 campaign?

A. I have been a

  • 4-H (County) Ambassador
  • 4-H Leader of an urban youth group
  • Educator (public and non-public)
  • Member of a very large five-generational American family
  • Long-Standing Community Worker
  • Principal and founder of an alternative education institution
  • First-time generational college student
  • College ambassador
  • Work experiences in government, healthcare, and private industry
  • Executive director of a, multicultural, family bonding organization and website portal

Q. What is your agenda? One-topic focus? Or several topics?

A. My agenda includes several topics: education, expanding Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program/eliminating Public Housing Program, recycling, economic reform, and U.S. trade representation. Choice is what I will offer to you during my terms in office.


Q. Why are you running for president?

A..  I decided to run for the highest political leadership position because of decades of community work and a sudden cancellation of education and training assistance from a state-government program. The program involved teaming and networking with many other agencies within your given community. This challenge began in the late 90s, with many ongoing promises and interactions, ending abruptly in August, 2005. One might assume failure because of several local economic woes -state education reform of Title 1 schools and communities, accrediting of our undergraduate colleges, and government-only-self-interest enterprises. These were long-term achievable goal plans managed by government agencies and officials that-by now-should have taken me out of the lower-income status.


So after having my four biological children, I decided to participate in the home schooling education choice for my unique household. I gained lots of current valuable skills and external training that is timely for my campaign and political promises.  America needs a "real" leader, not a manager. I have a diverse family background and friends of all nationalities. How do we co-exist productively and by choice? These are just a few current-day challenges that my administration and I will resolve beginning my first day at work; at the White House office. 


Q. How do you feel about gay rights (LGBT)?

A.  I believe that a lawful marriage is between a man and a woman.  I realize that there are many different types of sincere relationships that should be acknowledged by our government: taxes, wills, health care, education scholarships, legal acknowledgments, etc. Other than using the legal term marriage perhaps, another name could be identified for such mutual gender relationships. Lastly, the LGBT community must accept that they are a minority in this big country of ours--like any other minority grouping. My suggestion to the LGBT community, be ever mindful in public settings, and respectful around young minds and eyes and ears. 


Q. How is your company organization involved in your political campaign?

A. Family Bonding Center Services is a "social and entertainment" for-profit organization that provides support to my campaign. The sister-company, A Time To Learn Academy is a recognized non-profit organization. It will never close because it provides many

free and affordable education, and public resources and services to unique households or communities. If I were to win the presidency, the organization will continue to operate with

its current missions by our qualified, volunteer staff team.



Why I Want To Be Your President
So that we can, as American citizens, address our country's

issues by modernizing with choices of the people, by the people, and for the people while still protecting the Constitution. -Sherlene Stevens