Dear Families, I believe the 'family tree' and its features unite us all, as a global society, with diverse cultural traditions and family-life expressions. This portal offers news and other online social topics. A British-American humanitarian for over 43 years. -SHERLENE.



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In Memoriam: First Lady Louise Patterson (COGIC Christian faith representative)








TSB's Social Theme is Native American and Multi-Racial Native American Appreciation Month. (There were once 2,000 tribes in America, that ventured to America. The Native Americans were a part of the U.S. over 20,000 years-- before Christopher Columbus arrived to North America.)

Also, nationally is our Family Self-Worth Month. How is your family valued in your local community jurisdiction? Are you a quiet family? a helpful family? Or, do you have no extended family at all? In other words, do your local public servants know your family for good activities or bad activities? 


This year's theme is discussing ways to replace the lack of today's historical mothers and aunties who aren't of the sacrifice-and-make-do kind for the sake of their families or human family. How can you support ongoing neighborly/parental love of supporting another's infant, child(ren), young adult, older adult, or senior citizen?

Forms of Generational Family Dysfunction . . .

*Unproductive Situations/Actions That Happen Again and Again Within Family Sets:
_Welfare or Social Service Reliance
_Inadequate or Inconsistent Home Style Living Arrangements
_No One in Family Has Ever Completed High School, Job Training or College
_No One in Family Has Ever Achieved Earnings Above The National/State Poverty Level
_No One in Family Has Ever Visited Outside Of The Local Neighborhood/Community
_No One in Family Drives a Vehicle or Has a Drivers License
_Vulnerable Adults with Dysfunctional Habits Which Causes Disconnection from Immediate or External Family (Sets)
_Extreme Jealousy and Possessiveness
_Family Household Isolation
_Verbal Abuse
_Violent Temper
_Controlling Behavior
_Financial Abuse
_Social Abuse
_Children Forced in Social Isolation other than Worship Settings or Local School Attendance
_Children Considered Less Than Human, Invaluable or Unworthy
_Unwanted Children Born Into/After Challenging Parental Relationships
_Single Parenting Only Activities Without Co-Parenting

The Second Week of November is Children's Book Week socialization.

Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving Week: "Express Your Emotions of Being Thankful Week" What are you thankful for? What are the ways that you show gratitude towards others?

Thanksgiving Evening @ Sunset - January 17, yearly
Global Families: Christmas Season Caroling. I sing, too; American social and motivational singer. "God's spiritual message can come in the way of gospel music, too." -Mahalia Jackson


Saturday after U.S.A. Thanksgiving Day, yearly. Just Dress-Up Saturday is a good time to teach kids how to behave appropriately at a meal by having a formal dinner of leftovers at home or dine out: teach meal mannerisms, being proper, and respecting others when at a public place venue, etc.


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