What can adult family members help with?


We are a volunteer-based organization.

We appreciate any involvement you can offer!

Here are a few ideas:


COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON: Presides at all Pack Committee Meetings (known as PacCom). Helps recruit adult leaders. Also attends pack meetings and the District’s monthly round table meetings. This person, and this person only, is the point of contact between the pack and the charter representative and between the pack and district reps.

TREASURER: Keeps all records for the pack, including pack bank account, financial records, etc. Attends pack meetings and pack committee meetings.

CHAIRPERSON: Maintains advancement records. Orders/purchases and obtains all awards, badges and insignia. Attends pack meetings and pack committee meetings.

CHAIRPERSON: This person arranges and coordinates our pack campouts. Typically 4 per year.

CHAIRPERSON: Coordinator and liaison for all non-campout outside the pack events like parades, summer camps, Padres games, etc.

DEN LEADER: Leads or co-leads the den at weekly den meetings and monthly pack meeting. Attends the monthly pack leaders’ meeting and the District’s monthly roundtable meeting.

ASSISTANT DEN LEADER: Share the work of the Den Leader and help with planning, communicating, awards, etc. Be ready to fill in as needed. Attend monthly PacCom leader meetings with the Den Leader. Each den should have at least one Assistant Den Leader, or more if needed.

CUBMASTER: Helps plan and carry out the pack program with the help of the Pack Committee. Emcees the monthly Pack Show and attends the pack leaders’ meeting and the District’s monthly roundtable meeting.

ASSISTANT CUBMASTER: Just like it sounds.  The cubmaster needs a right-hand man (or woman) while on stage at Pack Shows whether it’s to keep the show fun and moving along or helping with awards ceremonies.

PACK QUARTERMASTER: The go to person for helping us get pack equipment from our storage facility to pack events.  This person realistically needs to have a truck available for hauling the bigger items.

POPCORN KERNEL: The Popcorn Kernel is responsible for the organization of our annual popcorn sales drive. The popcorn sales drive provides much of the funding our Pack requires. The Kernel must attend a training program (usually in June), and then coordinate and collect orders for popcorn in the Fall, and arrange for the pick-up and distribution of the popcorn. The Kernel also helps organize any “show and sell” popcorn sales booths.

CHAIRPERSON: Helps get new scouts registered.  Coordinates our recruiting events at the schools assigned to us by the district.  Sets up and coordinates our “Round Up” events; meetings where we provide pack info and answer questions for new scout families and help get them registered.

PINEWOOD DERBY CREW: Help plan and carry out our Pinewood Derby in March. Transport the track on race day; help with car inspection and check in; purchase awards; help run the computerized race program; make announcements.

BLUE & GOLD COMMITTEE: Help plan our Birthday Party and Awards celebration in February.



~Many hands make light work, especially in Scouting~






If you decide to be a Pack Leader, the first step is to review the Fast Start training. Cub Scout Leader Fast Start is located on the council’s web page (http://www.sdicbsa.org/) under the Training Schedule heading on the left. This interactive slideshow will give you an easy and quick look at your job and an overview of Cub Scouting. The next step is to take Cub Scout Leader Basic Training, which covers how to conduct den and pack meetings, program planning and administration. Training for all scout leaders is available online (note that you will need to create a username and password to complete the online training at this site) and training is also scheduled for locations within the District early in the fall and throughout the year.


In Pack 751 we highly encourage all parents to go through YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING (YPT). It can be found at the BSA website. It is quick to go through and it will give you a clear picture of why we do things the way we do for the protection of our boys (i.e. ‘Two-deep leadership’, etc). It will help you understand our value of safety for youth who are involved in Scouting. You do not have to be a registered member of Scouting to take this course. Just go to MyScouting.org and set up a free account and look for the Training link.