The official BSA Cub Scout “Class A” uniform is required for most Pack activities. The uniform for Cub Scouts is composed of the Official Cub Scout shirt, hat and 
neckerchief (appropriate to rank), and belt, with badges earned, awards and insignia in the correct locations. At times you will hear people refer to a “Class B uniform”. This is typically a Pack T-shirt that can be worn during certain activities where a Class A uniform might get dirty. Pack t-shirts are available for purchase throughout the year, but they are not required.  Your scout’s regular play clothes are also acceptable for activities when we are not wearing Class A.






Wolf: The color of the cap and neckerchief is now red instead of yellow. However, during this year of transition, both colors are acceptable. Talk with your den leader to decide as a group.


Bear: Now there will be a light blue patch, to go with the hat and neckerchief.


Webelos: Tan shirts and green pants are now required. (Up until now, blue or tan was acceptable.) The only patch will be the round one, designed for the tan shirts. 




BELTLOOPS AND PINS: Your Scout will earn beltloops (and later, pins) for completing den adventures.

Please keep track of your scout's progress by noting his/her accomplishments in Scoutbook: https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/



PATCHES: Your child will also be awarded non-official patches from time to time, maybe after an outing. There is no “official” place for these patches. Some people sew them onto a red achievement vest. These can be purchased online or from a Scout shop (you will see the kids wearing a red vest, this is the achievement vest or patch vest).  The vests are optional, but they make a great place to display the many patches your child will earn.







On your first trip to the Scout Shop, you will probably need to purchase the following items. The staff at the Scout Shop will help you. You can also go to scoutstuff.org, the official BSA site. Our Scout shop is down in Balboa Park. There is also one in Temecula which may be just as close for some.




  1. Cub Scout shirt. Most cubs prefer a short sleeve shirt; if they are cold they can always wear a long sleeve shirt underneath. You may want to buy it a bit larger than immediately needed so your son can wear it for more than one year.
  2. Hat, neckerchief and neckerchief slide for your rank, blue cub scout belt.
  3. Handbook. Each rank has a separate handbook, and each is available in normal spine and spiral bound. You and your Scout will use it to keep track of his accomplishments. As “Akela”, you sign off most accomplishments yourself in the handbook, put them in Scoutbook, and then inform your Den Leader. It is considered part of the uniform and should be brought to every den meeting.
  4. 4. Required shirt patches: San Diego Imperial Council patch, US flag, world crest patch, (If you purchase from the SD Scout Shop, these patches may already be attached to the shirt), Den number patch, and Pack 751 patch. The scout’s handbook details patch locations.
  5. A “Pack 751” patch will be provided by the pack.
  6. Uniform pants are not required in this pack, but dark blue pants or shorts with belt loops are expected (no gym shorts, sweat pants, or non- dark blue pants/shorts). Olive pants/shorts for Webelos and Arrow of Light.

Your scout’s rank handbook details the proper placement on the uniform for the required patches. Also, see below.




Shop for a Uniform at the Scout Shop: https://www.scoutshop.org/cub-scout-collection

1207 Upas St, San Diego, CA 92103, (619) 294-3806


Shop for a Red Patch Vest: http://www.patchvest.com/twill-patch-vest/


Shop for Badge Magic on Amazon: https://goo.gl/1GeFJd


Purchase a pack t-shirt ($15) on the 'Payments' tab or at a Pack Show


Enter your Scout's Advancements (s/he will be awarded at the Pack Show)https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/