BSA Cub Scout Program Overview:



Pack 751 is chartered by the Boys & Girls Club of Vista, and boys and girls in grades K-5 are invited to join in our fun. Does your child enjoy learning new things and exploring the outdoors? Would you like your child to join a positive group of peers that will grow together, learning how to shape their futures together? Then we are the pack for you!

Pack 751 is now accepting girls into our program for the 2021-2022 school year. All-girl dens will participate fully alongside our all-boy dens for the pack activities and camp outs. This will help us keep the family unit at the heart of our scouting program. We offer four camp outs per year, as well as various outings and lots of learning opportunities. Motivation soars with all of the awards. Come see what we’re all about!









As a parent, you want your child to grow up to be a self-reliant, dependable, and caring individual. Scouting has these same goals in mind for them. Since 1910, Scouting has been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities designed to assist parents in strengthening character, developing good citizenship, and enhancing physical fitness in youth. These values help your child make good decisions throughout life, and fosters confidence as s/he becomes an adult leader of tomorrow. With all of the changes in today's society, Scouting provides children with a positive peer group and a program that is fun and adventurous, helping them to “be prepared" to shape their own future.




Printable Application located on the 'Forms' tab.




There is a one-time registration fee of $99, which is forwarded to the BSA (not Pack funds). Pay online (Payments tab) or make a check out to: BSA


Den Dues: $99 per year. This is paid online or to your den leader and can be split into three $33 payments: $33 in the fall, $33 for winter, and $33 for spring/summer. This goes to the Pack for annual charter fees, funding events, paying for venues, and purchasing awards. A portion of dues also goes to each den for them to spend on supplies or activities for their scouts. Pay online (Payments tab) or make a check out to: BSA Pack 751



This is a year-round program, and the Cub Scout calendar follows the school year calendar. Den meetings take place fall-spring, and are 2-3 times a month for one hour each. Pack Shows (all dens attend) are once a month, typically the first Saturday. There is also one camp out per season (four per year), and additional den outings and pack activities throughout.



In today’s hectic world there never seems to be enough time to spend with our families. Cub Scouting is a way through which we can make that time, help our children learn about the world they live in, develop into young adults of character, and have fun at the same time. You are the most important person in your child's life, and you are the most important part of their Cub Scouting career. Help us make your child's Cub Scout experience a positive one… be involved. Extended family members and guardians are always invited also!





The aims of Scouting are: character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness. Cub Scouts are asked to “Do Your Best” in everything they do. BSA sets tasks for the children to complete, and as they do they earn credit towards their rank badge or elective awards. It is an environment of positive reinforcement, praise, and age-appropriate challenges. When a child has done their best, that is enough; the accomplishment is noted. Equally they will not get credit or badges unless they have actually tried the achievements. As a parent you are their “Akela” or leader. Den Leaders and Cubmasters are also “Akela”, and together you guide them through these tasks.






SAFE CONSTRUCTIVE FUN: Our goal is to deliver a safe and fun environment for your child. By following the official program and encouraging the Cubs to “Do Your Best” we hope your son or daughter will feel connected to their country, community and environment in a positive way. We want your child to feel that s/he, individually, can make a difference. And we want them to have a blast!  With parents' and leaders' active engagement and support, our scouts are very successful.

OPPORTUNITIES TO TRY NEW THINGS: Our Pack plans lots of activities to give your family an opportunity to connect and try new things. To get the most out of scouting, be a part of the Pack!

TRAINED LEADERSHIP: All the adult leaders in the Pack are volunteers – ordinary parents like you. They give of their time and creativity to lead the Dens and the Pack. They have also completed the required training (Youth Protection for Child Abuse prevention, and leader-specific courses). There must be a minimum of 2 adults in charge of any Cub Scout group (“2-deep leadership”) and an adult must never be 1-on-1 with a child who is not their own. This is for everyone’s safety.





BE INVOLVED: Help out with your Den. Work with your Cub Scout on projects. Help your Cub Scout complete the advancements. Participate in monthly Pack meetings.

GO ON CAMP OUTS: Getting Scouts OUT is at the heart of ScOUTing. Maybe you’ve never camped before or need some help; just ask. We want your family to enjoy the outdoors and the opportunities it offers to build your child's confidence…and bring adventure to his/her life. Also, don’t bring electronics for your child…it’s part of why we are OUT.

CONSIDER A LEADERSHIP ROLE: We always need volunteers. One of the best ways you can ensure that your child has the best scouting experience is to get involved. For many positions, some training is required. Scouting does a great job with the training, and much of it is conveniently online. Many of the positions we need help with are small things (helping with crafts at a Pack Show for example). Others would take more planning [helping plan our annual Blue and Gold Banquet]. But, anything you do is helping and adds value to the children's experience.

RESPOND TO YOUR DEN LEADER: The leader is a parent like you. They are busy and are just trying their best to help out and organize den functions. Please communicate with them when they need to hear from you.

SET THE EXAMPLE: When the Cub Scout Sign is up (two fingers extended) – please use the sign and stay silent. Encourage others to do the same.

FUNDRAISING: Our Pack uses an annual popcorn sale as well as a pancake breakfast to raise funds for our Pack. This vital fund-raising allows us to keep our dues as low as possible and to subsidize some activities. We need everyone to ‘do their best’ to sell as much popcorn and tickets as they can. Only about 1/3 of our revenue comes from dues. The rest comes from fundraisers.

DUES: Annual dues are set by the Pack Committee in order to fund the program for the coming year. Your prompt payment of dues helps us run our events for the kids. These can be paid all at once or broken up into 3 payments. You can pay your den leader or online (Payments tab). There is a service charge (from PayPal) for using the online store.

FORMS: Certain forms such as medical forms and event specific waivers (Activity Consent Form) are mandatory. We need those for safety and or liability reasons. Your prompt cooperation is appreciated. These can be found on the 'Forms’ tab.

PACK MEETINGS (We call ours a Pack Show): Pack Shows gather together all the Dens (grades K-5) for an evening of Cub Scout fun and to recognize the achievements of Cub Scouts by handing out some awards. The Pack meets roughly once per month (third Thursday at the Boys & Girls Club-Vista). This is not a baby-sitting opportunity. Please be mindful of your child's needs and help maintain order.

DEN MEETINGS: Den meetings are where Dens (about 5-8 boys or 5-8 girls all in the same grade) meet to have fun within the aims of Cub Scouts and earn/work on achievements. Den meetings are organized by your Den Leader, typically twice a month.  Please be with your child throughout the Den meeting unless told otherwise by your Den Leader. In order to make a fair division of work you will likely be asked to help organize an activity or Den meeting. About ½ of the Badge requirements are covered at Den meetings so please try to make sure your child attends every one. For the Lion and Tiger rank the scout’s parent must be present for the entire den meeting.

OUTINGS (Den and Pack): Outings are a big part of Scouting. Cub Scouts get out and about with many kinds of outdoor fun, such as field trips, hikes, conservation activities, and outdoor games. To participate in any outing outside of normal pack shows and den meetings, each attendee (parent, scout, siblings) must have a current Medical Form and an event specific Waiver on file.

SPECIAL PACK EVENTS: Campouts, Pinewood Derby Races, Blue & Gold Banquet, and other Packtivities – Parades, Movies in the Park, Padres games, etc.








Prerequisite (at any rank except Lion): Bobcat
Kindergarten: Lion
First Grade: Tiger
Second Grade: Wolf
Third Grade: Bear
Fourth Grade: Webelos
Fifth Grade: Arrow of Light (Webelos II)








When your child registers as a Scout, s/he joins a national organization: the Boy Scouts of America, soon to be Scouts BSA. The BSA is divided into regions, councils, and districts. Our Pack is a part of the Palomar District, which in turn is a part of the San Diego-Imperial Council. Districts provide training opportunities, host activities and events, offer support and assistance to existing Cub Scout packs (K through 5th grade) and Boy Scout troops (5th through 12th grade).

BSA National Website:

San Diego-Imperial Council Website:

Sign up for council emails (Scout events happening all around SD)





Getting OUT is at the heart of scOUTing. It gives the children and their families an opportunity to make memories while having lots of fun. All Pack camping is Family Camping, meaning the parent must be there and siblings are always welcome. Camping is usually the highlight of a Cub Scout year. Campouts are always fun occasions and the kids have a blast. We do “car camping” with cars not far from the tents.  

  • Always watch out for your child and know where they are at all times. Enforce the Buddy System.
  • Get your child to do as much of the work in camping as possible (help putting up the tent, carrying stuff, etc).
  • Never sleep in a tent with a child who is not your own. – BSA rules
  • No alcohol anywhere, anyhow, anytime. – BSA rules
  • No smoking in sight of Cub Scouts.  – BSA rules
  • Cub Scouts should not have knives in Lion, Tiger and Wolf ranks. Bears and higher ranks can only bring pocket knives if they have completed the “Whittling Chip” pocket knife achievement and if they also bring their Whittlin’ Chip card or badge. No knives with a blade longer than the width of a child’s palm or any fixed blades. – BSA rules.

Leave behind electronics / game systems / movies. This is the children's opportunity to get away from all that.





TYPICAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR OUR SCOUT YEAR:                                                                             


Pack 751 is an active pack, giving you and your family many opportunities to try new things.

This is an approximate list of what happens during the year.




August/September: Normal Pack activities resume, including our first Pack Show and our Welcome meeting, to welcome friends and new families to scouting. Usually a pack service project, such as a beach clean-up. Popcorn Sales are also beginning.


OctoberTypically our first (Fall) camp out of the year. Sometimes it is in November. Pack Show.


November: Pack Show. Canned Food Drive for our Charter Organization, The Boys & Girls Club - Vista.

December: We have a special Pack Show related to our Holiday Event. Vista Holiday Parade.

JanuaryTypical month for our second (Winter) camp out, sometimes called Cold Camp, but don’t let that scare you. Pack Show.


February: The Blue and Gold Banquet is this month. This event is a celebration of Boy Scouting’s birthday and is the Bridging (Graduation) of our Arrow of Light rank as they move on to Boy Scouting!

March: Vroom, vroom! Can you say Pinewood Derby?! Pack Show.

April: Scout Fair, a County wide event for the Pinewood Derby finals and fun scout activities. Also the typical month of our third (Spring) camp out. Pack Show.

May: Last Pack Show of the school year

June: Our fourth (Summer) camp out is always a favorite. Typically on Father’s Day weekend. This is also where we usually have our Graduation event where the scouts move up to the next rank and receive their next rank uniform (from you). No pack show in June, July or August.

July: Independence Day Parade in Oceanside. Annual Planning Meeting.  Committee members and interested parents meet for an afternoon to rough out the entire upcoming scout season including camp out locations and dates.


Summer Activities: There are many different activities to attend in the summer from Scout Day Camps (fun events set up for 5 days of a week), to Resident Camps (scouts stay at a BSA camp for 3-5 days).  The Oceanside Independence Day parade, a Padres game, and Movies in the Park are also usually on the agenda. Some dens are active during the summer with meetings and field trips. Typically each den leader decides how active they want to be for the summer months.  Your den will keep you informed about events coming up. 

~As with most things in life, this schedule is subject to change~




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