What You Need To Know About Responsive Website Design



Are you thinking of creating a website? Then you should read our article on what you need to know about responsive website design.


Responsive website design represents a fundamental shift in how website are built. If you are creating a website yourself you need to make sure the website builder you choose to create your site has responsive website designs.


What is a responsive design? Its simple all responsive means is that your website responds to the size screen its viewed on, your website will scale itself down and look perfect on any device its viewed on.


When a visitor visits your website on a computer it may look a little different than when they visit on a mobile device, or iPad. Today more and people are using mobile devices to search the internet. You have to keep up with the times and build a responsive website.


When building your new website it should look great on any device your visitor views it on.
When building your new website it should look great on any device your visitor views it on.

Why Go Responsive

  • Your customers can fully enjoy your website on their mobiles.
  • You can bet your bottom dollar your competitors have a responsive website design.
  • 70% of searches are done on mobile devices.
  • Just a few leads or purchases done on a mobile friendly website will up your profits.


Did you know that the average smart phone user spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device. More than half of consumers that make purchases on eCommerce websites use their mobiles. This means if you have a online shop and its not a responsive website design you could be loosing potential business.

What We Can Do

Easysite is a do-it-yourself website builder that lets you build a responsive website. Its quick and easy to create a responsive website using Easysite. Create a new website or if you have an existing website thats not responsive you could transfer all your content over to Easysite and have a responsive website.


Build Your Responsive Website Today
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If you looking for someone to design and build your responsive website please feel free to email mike@easysite.com once built using Easysite you will be able to update your site.


If you have a website that's not responsive and don't have the time to transfer the content we can help. Get hold of our design team and have a chat. Email mike@easysite.com to find out more.

Avoid The Google Penalty

Its a fact. Google will penalize your site if its not mobile friendly. Google already penalizes sites that are not responsive. This means that if your site is not responsive search engines like Google will rank it lower down in the SERPs. If your competitors site is mobile friendly it could rank higher than your site on those search results.


Responsive website design isn’t an option in 2017. It’s mandatory for companies who want to grow and prosper in years ahead.

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