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What is a website builder? A website builder is software that is used to enable someone with little or no web design knowledge to be able to create a website all by themselves. is a website builder.


If you want to make a website in today's world you could write all the code and host your website yourself. But writing the code and hosting your site is not easy, you would need to learn HTML code, CSS code and more. Lucky for you there is a much easy way to build a website yourself, using a website builder.

In The Old Days

In the old days if you wanted a website you would have to find a web designer that new coding. Tell him the type of website you required and he would custom design a website based on what you told him. Every update would cost you money as you would pay the designer for his time.


Other problem would be getting hold of the designer. If you wanted an update it could take from a few hours to days for it to be live on your website. You would have to contact him via email tell him the update and wait for him to apply the update. Once done you would get a bill for the work done.


Most small company's could not even afford a website as prices to build and maintain a website made building one not financial possible. How times have changed.

The Website Builder Was Born

A few years back software was developed that did what the web designer did. The software would enable people with little or no web design knowledge to use the software and build their own websites in the comfort of their home or office.


The software was called a website builder. Now a person that wanted to build a website would use a website builder to build a website. No previous web design coding or knowledge needed. The website builder would code your website for you.


Now using a website builder people had better control. They could not only build their own websites but could update them in real time. If you wanted to update old content just delete the old content replace with new. Refreshing your site the new content would be live.


Thanks to website builders being cheap to run and maintain company's could afford to build there own sites. Even small company's now have a website.

So Many To Choose From

Type "website builder" into Google. Type "how do I create a website" into Google. Type "make my own website" into Google. You will get hundreds if not thousands of websites in the results all claiming they are the best website builder to use to build your own site.


Its hard to know which website builder to use. Don't go for the cheapest website builder. Don't go with free website builders unless they offer a free trial period like

Free Trial Website Builder

So what is a free trial website builder? A free trial website is a website builder that lets you try all the features the website builder has for free for a length of time. Its the perfect way to see how it all works before you spend any of those hard earned dollars.


We invite you to try build a website using Easysite. Our free trial website builders lets you build a website free for 30 days. No credit or bank card required. Just fill in a few details and start your free trial sign up below and get started.

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