Should I Use A Free Domain Offered By Website Builders



Should I use a free domain offered by website builders and hosting companys? Lots of website builders and hosting company's offer a free domain when you sign up and create a website using them. This article will tell you what to look out for.


A domain is your website address. Its important that you have control, or can get control of your domain setting when you want to. Lots of hosting company's and website builders offer their clients a free domain when they sign up and use their services.


The question is should you take advantage of this great offer or is it going to be a problem later down the line.

Questions To Ask

Company's that offer free domains have different rules. Make sure that if you are building a website using a site builder or hosting company that offers a free domain, will transfer it to a domain registrar of your choice for free if you decide to leave.


There are lots of complaints about hosting company's charging clients hundreds of dollars when they leave for their domain. Don't fall into this trap. If you decide to use a free domain when creating a website ask the question what happens if I decide to leave before you sign up.


The website builder or hosting company that charges you hundreds of dollars for your free domain when you decide to leave will make you upset and angry. They virtually hold you ransom and if you want your domain you will have to pay the asking price.


Here at Easysite we do offer a free domain for as long as you are with us. Should you decide to leave we will transfer your free domain to a domain registrar of your choice for free. We will not hold you ransom. Rest assured you will get you free domain back and it won't cost you anything.

How Does Easysite Work

Sign Up


The first step is to scroll down to the bottom of this page. Next fill in your details and press the get started button. No credit or bank card required.


30 Days To Try


You now have 30 days to try create a website using Easysite. Use all the features just like a paying customer, but remember you only have 30 days. Any time during the free trial period you can make a payment of $19.95 and continue to build your website.


During the free 30 day free trail you use all the features our website builder has to offer. Its a great opportunity to test drive our website builder and see if its right for you.


Get Your Free Domain


When you make that first payment you are given the option to choose your free domain name or add a domain you already own. Remember if you choose the free domain we will transfer it to a domain registrar of your choice for free if you decide to leave us, no questions asked.


To answer your question "Should I use a free domain offered by website builders" If you use Easysite website builder YES as we will not hold your ransom. As for other website builders and hosting company's please ask this question - what happens when I leave? If they want to charge you don't sign up with them. Rather sign up with Easysite and build your website.

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