How To Write A Good Blog Post



So you are thinking of starting a blog or creating your own website, you have come to the right place. Using Easysite you can start a website or create a blog you can even open an online shop. Starting a blog has loads of benefits. In today's world if you want to establish yourself or your brand you need to start a blog and let people find your articles and subscribe.


Starting your own site you need to write good blog posts with interesting content. Don't start to worry and think you can't do it. Writing the perfect blog article is not that difficult. Whats the first thing you need to do if you have something of interest that you would like to share with the world. Hundreds of people have used Easysite to start their own blogging empire, and you can too. With loads of free blog templates, all you have to do is ‘put pen to paper,’ – digitally, of course. You can even try create a website free for 30 days using Easysite.


How to write a good blog post
How to write a good blog post

Get Them Interested With A Killer Headline

Think about your headline. We have all been on social network sites like Facebook. As you scroll down there is always that killer headline, that's well written and catches your eye. You end up wanting to know more so you click on it. If the title of your killer blog doesn’t steal the attention of your audience, your content won’t get half the clicks and visitors it deserves.


Search engines like Google also use your headlines to try and find out what the page is about and where to place it on search results. Read more about SEO here.


So how do you create a killer headline that stands out from the crowd? Follow these simple yet effect tips to entice your readers:


  1. Create your headings short and catchy. Example: The secret ingredients to building websites that work.
  2. You could also catch their attention with a question. Example: How can I open an online shop? Try it free today.
  3. People are drawn to numbers so giving em’ the essentials. Example: ‘10 Easy SEO Tips to Boost Your Sites SEO’
  4. Show them the added value of reading your blog. Example: The Complete Guide to Building a Website.


Having headlines that grab your readers attention can boost your website rankings on search engines and keep your visitors coming back for more.


If you email your subscribers having a great heading will encourage them to want to read the article you are emailing to them. They will want to know more.

Take Your Time On Your Intro

After you have won the battle with a great headline and get people on to your site you need to keep them there.


After the headline the next most important part are the first few sentences. As they start to read if those first few words don't grab their attention they are off to the next website, and will hit that back button.


Whether you have a fitness site or share recipes these first lines set the tone of your article and let your readers know what they’re in for. The sky is the limit be creative and have fun. Intros or the first paragraph should be short but interesting and what the page is about, followed by the meat of your article.

Write Your Text For Diagonal Reading

Many of your readers, even you may begin begin reading articles by taking a quick glance at the paragraph titles before committing to reading the whole thing. Long blog posts need to be broken up with subtitles and pictures. Readers then have a quick scan and more than likely read the titles to see what the page is about if the titles read well they will then take the time to read the full article.


In addition to having great subheadings to catch those wandering eyes you can also use bold and italic text to highlight important information and especially adding links.

Include Pictures In Between Your Text

It also helps to include images that relate to the topic of your skilfully written blog post. Show off your blog with gorgeous images to illustrate your text. Your pictures can add value to the subject rather than using them as placeholders. Images are a great to also help you express what the page is about.


Make sure images are of high quality. Having beautiful pictures will help so get your camera out and start taking those eye catching photos.

Rather Have Quality Over Quantity

We often get emails from people building websites using Easysite asking how many words should a blog post have. Ever heard of the saying content is King. Google loves content and plenty of it. Some bloggers say you should have at least 1500 words or more. But you yourself have searched for something on Google and found that pages with 300 words are at the top of the results.


So in our opinion the more words the better, but saying that if 200 words is enough to express yourself its useless to write an article with 2,000 words and just repeat what you are saying just to get the word count up. Repetition (or worse, going off topic) annoys your readers and can drive them to leave prematurely. Also it won't help your SEO for the page.

Share Where Ever You Can

Share each new post on your social media accounts this is great for SEO. You get an instant backlink as well as all your followers get to see your new post, and may also share it. The more your followers are exposed to you and your brand, the more connected they’ll feel. Don't forget to have those share buttons at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to have the subscribe button for visitors that want to receive updates and news letters by email.


Its not that difficult to write a good blog post when you build your own website. Especially if its about a topic you have a passion for. So sign up to Easysite today and start blogging.

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