Grow Your Hobby Into A Small Business



Do you have a hobby? Why not grow your hobby into a small business with the help of Easysite. Some may call it a hobby, but for you its something you love to do, it keeps you inspired and something to wake up to that you enjoy doing.


It could be wild life photography, baking cakes, making great food. What if you could turn your passion into a small business that's online. Why not make it more than a hobby?


Why not take your hobby one step further. You are so lucky, in today's World their are platforms like Easysite that you can use to turn your hobby into a small business by creating your own website and sharing your idea with the World on the World Wide Web.


Turn your hobby into a small business
Turn your hobby into a small business

Check Out The Competition

You should always check out your competition. Check their websites out and what they are doing. This will give you some idea of what you are up against.


Its important to do some market research. It will give you a deeper understanding of your target audience, how they interact with competing brands, what triggers their curiosity and how would they engage with your product or service. In short, market research helps you develop an informed strategy for communicating with your future clients.

Prepare Your Business Plan

Your business plan should be comprised of the following aspects:


  • What is your workflow? How much time does it take you to produce your articles or to provide the service that you offer?
  • How much are you going to spend? In other words what's your monthly budget?
  • Do you have the money to turn your hobby into a business? Or do you need to get a loan approved from the bank. If you need a loan make sure you carefully read and understand the conditions.
  • What will the monthly expenses be? Take all expenses into account, rent, bills, employees, materials, registering your own website domain name, hosting etc.
  • What about pricing? Don't forget post and packaging needs to be paid for.
  • Do you make or import your product? If your new website takes off and sales go well will you still be able to supply the product. What type of price incentives could you offer your customers?
  • Whats your growth timeline and profit? Although you are going to grow your hobby into a small business you do want to make money.


We should mention that Easysite gives you a free domain for life, so you will have one less expense building an E-commerce website with our website builder.

Build Your Brand

Your market research will tell you what company's you are competing against. Taking the time to create a brand will make your small business stand out.


The best part about turning your hobby into a small business is that you can create and grow your own unique brand.


Building a brand is about creating something that is bigger than just providing a service or selling a product. Successful brands are able to attract clients by offering a vision and a voice that their audience can identify with.

How To Get A Effective Online Presence

When you have your own small business website you will be making contact with clients online. This will probably be your target audience. The very first interaction will take place on your own website built using Easysite.


A solid online presence must include the following:


  1. A website that looks good, has all the incentives for visitors to enhance their engagement with your brand. A website builder like Easysite that includes all the tools required to build a small business website.
  2. A website builder like Easysite that is SEO friendly helping to increase free traffic to your site.
  3. Responsive web design themes like Easysite has. Visitors can view your site on any device and it will look great.
  4. Easysite includes social media buttons. Adding your social media links is a breeze, visitors can join you on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites with a click of their mouse.
  5. Want to collect members emails and send out news letters? No problem when you make a website using Easysite.
  6. Fast reliable hosting that won't let me down. And help from a great support team when you need it.

Are you ready to grow your hobby into a small business and unleash it into the world? Start by creating a website with Easysite! Its FREE to try.

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