Easysite Is Now Offering A Free Domain To Customers That Build A Website



Easysite is now offering a free domain name to customers when they use Easysite's web site builder to create a website, web hosting included.


Even during the trial time, customers can search for and pick out a free domain name to use with their website.  Of course, customers can also use a domain name that they already own when they sign up to use the Easysite website building service. 


"We like to make things as easy as possible," explains Easysite's founder, Steve Sivulka.  "Letting customers pick a free domain name to use with their website just makes things that much easier.  They don't have to go somewhere else like Godaddy.com or Network Solutions.  We found that it was just too overwhelming to have customers deal with another company just to pick out something as simple as a domain name to use with their website development."


Free Domain Name
Free Domain Name

Easysite Is Really A One-Stop Shop it's Everything You Need To Get Your Business Online

By offering a free domain, the website building service with Easysite is really a one-stop shop.  Everything that you need to create your own website, get online and get noticed is included with the service.  Even people that have never created a website before agree, it just doesn't get any easier than this to create and maintain a website.


What about selling goods from your website? No problem the ecommerce software is included in the web site builder. The process of building an ecommerce website is now a simple and fun process.


How to Create a Website
How to Create a Website

A free domain name is a great addition to all the other included features of Easysite.  Other great features that customers get when they learn how to make a website with Easysite are: top-level hosting, daily website backups, social media integration, search-engine ready website structure, free technical support (telephone and email), online help section with videos that explain how to build a website and professional website design templates.


Including a domain name with the website service is also very useful for building a business website.  Using a domain name with a business website just makes it that much more professional than using a subdomain or forward-slash URL.  These days, every small business should have their own website and their own domain name.


Having a domain name also helps get noticed on search engines like Google.  Search engines are much more likely to index and rank your website pages if you use a domain name.


Traditional marketing also benefits from having a domain name.  When you have your own domain name on your business cards or other printed materials, it just makes a business seem professional and serious about the products or services that they offer.

Can You Keep Your Free Domain Name Should You Leave Easysite? Yes You Get To Keep Your Domain

What if you leave Easysite what happens to your free domain name? Should you choose to switch to a different website service you may request an authorization code from info@easysite.com. After a request is received your domain name will be unlocked and you will be sent back an authorization code to transfer your domain name out of the Easysite service to another web host.


There is no charge to transfer your free domain name out of the Easysite service. Read our terms and conditions for more info.

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