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Lets face it building a eCommerce website is becoming more and more competitive every day. Each day more and more money is being spent online. Website platforms like Easysite are making it easier for people to get their own eCommerce stores online within a matter of hours.


Brick and mortar shops and shopping centers are in for a hard time. There are already millions of empty shops all over the USA with high rents and business rates set to make street trading more and more difficult as the years go by.


While this does not paint a pretty picture for brick and mortar shops, the flip side shows a very positive outlook for eCommerce and Online Retailers, with sales expected to grow around 10% year-on-year.


There are lots of businesses using eCommerce to grow online, the reason’s for each tend to come down to a few simple benefits:


  • Lower Overheads.
  • Easier To Scale.
  • Low Risk When Expanding Into New Regions.
  • You could also be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

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Did You Know

Visitors have some strange behaviors. Probably the most concerning of all is that your visitors shopping basket is often nothing more than a wish list!


That’s right – Some users fill their virtual baskets with products that they would love to buy.


Whether your visitors are creating a wish list, getting an idea of total pricing or simply doing some research and price shopping you against your competitors.


It is vitally important that you note this behavior as it is the only REAL insight you have into the mind of your customers. By looking at the items they are storing in their Baskets, you get an insight into what your website visitors are looking to buy.

Here Are A Few More Key Buying Behaviors

To much on the page - Links to recommended products, Links to discount codes or even links to your Social Media all pull your visitors away from completing a transaction. Only have the necessary items on the page. Remove all distractions. If you want links open them in a new window, that way once your visitor visited the link and exits they are returned to the page and you could make that sale. This is known as fixing a leaky bucket.


The correct way to sell products is to use images and videos. Try selling a womens dress using only words and no images, its pretty difficult.


Having multiple images of your product, offering a 360 degree virtual image if possible and always as a priority using video to show the quality of your product will definitely help sell your products.


Use vouchers. When visitors purchase $100 or more offer a 10% off on their next purchase voucher that must be spent within 7 days.

Use Compelling Product Descriptions

Include a product description that enhances the sale with every image. Remember the product description that goes with the image not only helps sell the product, it also helps Google and search engines know what the page is about and helps your page rank in the (SERPS). This could be the first line of contact that a potential customer when searching for your product in a search engine such as Google sees.


Take your time with each of your Meta Description Title Tags – They will be the first things people see in Google, so you don’t want to put them off before they even get to your site!


Remember to place important words or keyword phrase in each and every image alt tag, this will help tell search engines like Google what the image and page is about.

Buyers Like To See What Others Have Said About The Product

Proof from buyers that have made a purchase helps sell products. People Buy From People. Instill confidence and increase your eCommerce conversions, by allowing buyers to make comments via there social media accounts.


Testimonials, in the form of positive comments help instill confidence on your eCommerce website – that’s a proven fact. Maybe also think about getting a few video testimonials about the product. By adding a genuine video testimonial your conversions can sky rocket. A testimonial that comes from a 3rd party platform such as TripAdvisor or Google Reviews or Trust Pilot is a further way of strengthen your testimonial.

5 Tactics To Improve Conversion

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews – Websites like Amazon have built a business on customer reviews.


Demo Videos


Demo Videos – Show what you selling with a demo video, show the product you are selling in action. This will show your visitors the product in action and keep them on the site longer, and maybe even help you with a sale.


FREE Delivery


FREE Delivery – Sometimes once the sale has been made an additional delivery charge could loose the sale. Why not include the delivery in the price that way the price you see is the price you pay.


Live Chat


Live Chat – Customers need immediate answers. They often don’t want to phone and don’t want to wait for an email. Live chat is a great conversion tool.


A Simple Checkout


A simple checkout – If customers don’t need an account then don’t force them. Make your checkout as simple as possible.

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