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When you start to build your own website many webmasters make simple mistakes that will effect their website performance. These basic mistakes can damage the chance of your website business turning visitors into customers. Here at we not only give you the tools to build your own website we are also here to help and guide you and stop you making these basic mistakes.


If at any time you have a question about how to create a website, setting up your site, or about adding content please feel free to contact us or email us for some helpful free advice. Did you know we offer a free call back. All you have to do is let us have your phone number and time to call you back and we will call you back.


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Not Enough Basic Information

Google uses the information on each page to see what the page is about. Based on what's on the page Google will place the page on it's search results for the best query for the page. If other websites provide better information and more of it then those website pages will rank above yours on search results.


People search websites for information. If they don't find what they looking for they just click the back button and move on to the next site. That's why its important to have as much information about the topic you are writing about on the page.

Here Is An Example:

Not enough information
Not enough information


The homepage of this site features nothing but the sites name, and some navigation links. Although some people will take the time to click the links at the top of the page, many others will hit the back button and head to another site, one that has the information they need straight away.

What You Can Do:

Make sure your homepage is set up correctly. Have headings with paragraphs of text about the topic and include links after the text that go to other pages on your site that's relative to the content.

Here Is An Example:

Have lots of information on the home page
Have lots of information on the home page

You don’t have to make it the full sales pitch, just let people know that your website offers what they need.

No Clear Next Step

When visitors arrive on your site they check to see its what they looking for. If it is what they looking for then the next step should be clear. If that next step is missing, they’re likely to head elsewhere.


If you look at Easysite there is a clear next step. At the bottom of every page is a sign up form. Once a visitor fills in the form and click the get started button they will be able to start building a website.


Easysite is all about building your own website and there is a clear next step. Visitors can build their own website using Easysite. Make sure your customer knows what you would like them to do. Have a clear next step.

Out Of Date Content

Its important to keep your site up to date when you have your own website. This means that old content that is out dated should be removed and replaced with up to date content. For example: If your phone number has changed update it. If your address has changed update it. If you no longer offer a certain service then update it on your website.


Avoid including outdated content anywhere your site. Update everything. If you mention events or special offers on your homepage, make sure that you remove the details after they’ve ended. Don’t leave anything on your homepage that may give visitors the impression that your site is no longer being updated.

Too Many Choices

You be running a site to make money and have advertising and affiliate banners and links. Visitors who are given too many options are often gripped with indecision and end up leaving the page without clicking or signing up to anything. Having a large amount of advertising on a page is bad. It makes the page load slow, which means visitors that aren't prepared to wait will leave.


If your site is full of advertising you need to: Decide what the main purpose of any given page is, and then ensure that you guide your visitors towards taking an action related to that purpose. If possible limit things to one action per page.

We Are Here To Help

The Easysite support team is here to help. We not only provide you with a way to build your own website but also would like to give you good advice if you are unsure. Our support team are a phone call away. They will help you set up your new site over the phone guiding you step by step. We also offer free SEO advice on the best way to avoid basic website mistakes, and how to rank your site. Book a call back today - (877) 832-7974.


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