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Easysite just added video support to the built-in webpage editor.  This new feature allows anyone to embed a video into any custom page on their website.  Using the new video button in the toolbar of the website editor, users can select one of three ways to add a video to their webpage: "Add a Video from My Computer", "Add a Video Already on My Site", or "Add a Video from YouTube (or similar site.)"  There no need for website code or programming as all these new functions operate with simple point and click dialogs.


Add Videos to a Website
Add Videos to a Website

The way Easysite works to create a website is really unique.  Plus, like the name says, it truly is easy to add video to a webpage with Easysite.  When the first option for adding a video clip to a webpage is selected, the user is presented with a simple dialog that contains two items. 
The first is a file selector which lets users select a video file from their computer to upload to the website. 
The second is a description entry for the video. 
Once a file is selected and the optional description is entered, simple click the OK button to upload the video clip into the webpage editor.  Once the video has finished uploading, it's displayed right within the webpage where you can resize it, position it and even align it within the page.

Adding Video to a Website
Adding Video to a Website

Easysite Automatically Compresses The Video

Another really nice feature is that you don't have to worry about the size of the video or compressing it.  Once the video is uploaded, Easysite automatically compresses the video, creates a placeholder picture, and converts it into an .mp4 format. 


Basically Easysite does all of the heavy lifting to make sure your video is ready for the web and ensures that the video will load and play quickly for the viewer.

When you select the second option, you can pick from a list of videos that have already been added to your site.  So if a video is already hosted on your website's video page, for example, you can select the video here to embed into the current page you are working on without having to upload the video again from your computer.

The third option lets users select a video that is already hosted on a third-party website, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  This makes it very easy to embed a video that is already on the web into your custom webpage with your website created using Easysite.

The new "add video" feature can be found on any of your website's custom pages, blog pages, news pages or multi-pages, basically any custom page that uses Easysite's webpage easy-to-use editor.  The editor has the look and feel of a word processing program and is just as easy to use.  With the webpage editor it was always easy to layout text and pictures.  With the newly added video features, it's now just as easy to add videos to your own website.



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