The IAD School Association, Inc. USA has contributed about $20,000 since its inception to the Isaac A. David, Sr. Memorial School in Liberia.  Although there was a period of inactivity between 2003 and 2010, the Association has continued to work in the interest of the school and now has a new resolve to continue doing so.


Financial and Material Assistance


2015: shipped 99 boxes of Math Student Texts, Teacher Texts, Classroom Resources 

2015: shipped about 1000 education backpacks filled with school supplies 

Since 2011: over $10,000 in scholarships and general support donations

2002 - 2010: over $5,000 in scholarship funds supporting over 30 students (partially or fully)

1996 - 2002: over $4,500 in funds for academic and construction assistance; several shipments of books, materials, and school supplies







Established Scholarships  (SEE ALBUM)

Since revitalization of the scholarship program in 2011, the IADSA, Inc., USA is even more resolved to stamp out illiteracy while building on a firm foundation. In 2011, two special scholarships were established through the IADSA, Inc., USA to assist deserving students attending the school.


NEW 2014-We are pleased to now offer two (2) additional special scholarships to students:


The Jeannette L. King Memorial Scholarship (JLK) established by her grand-daughter and former student, Dr. Bonita Jude-Harrison.


The Laura C. Norman Academic Excellence Award for a Future Educator (LCN): established by her grandchildren: Dr. Carnley Norman, Mr. Baimba Norman, and Mr. Maavi Norman



The Victoria L. Tolbert-Yancy Memorial Scholarship (VLTY) 

Established by her daughter and former student of IAD, Fametta Yancy-Carr, and her grandchildren, Mark Carr, Jr. and Michael Carr.









The Leonard T. DeShield, Sr. Memorial Award for Community Service and The Leonard T. DeShield, Sr. Memorial School Service Award (LTD, Sr.) - Established by his widow, Mrs. Sadie L. DeShield (co-founder of IAD) and her children (former students of IAD).







School Visitations and Service by Former Students and Friends (SEE ALBUM



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Mrs. Freeman working with Isaac A. David School Board, 2013

Dr. Dillon working with Mrs. Scott's preschoolers, 2011

Ms. Evette Fearon awards 2012 workshop certificates


Mrs. Givens awards 2012 workshop certificates