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My name is Steve and I am the owner and creator of Easysite. Today I am going show you how you can build the best website possible for your online business. If you have been searching for ways to build the best website, then read on. Here are some great tips and information about how you can build a good looking website all by yourself with little or no web design experience.


Build the best website with Easysite
Build the best website with Easysite


This is a creation you'll be proud of. It will be incredibly easy to build. So, here we go.

You have to first understand why you need to create a website. In this day and age, the entire world of business is full of competition and online. If you are in business and do not have an online presence you must be crazy. Its simple, to showcase your work, you need to establish a platform for your creations and to promote your products and/or services, you need a website.


By creating a website it can give you the spotlight that you need. Nowadays, the Internet is filled with websites that help you create your own website. These websites are basically site builders like that use website building software that allows people with little or no coding knowledge to learn how to build a website in the comfort of their homes or office.


But not all of them provide the opportunity to create a website for free. And neither do they provide so many options to beautify your site and increase and improve its functionality. The ones that do, charge an exorbitant fee.

As someone who has just entered the World Wide Web, it's natural for you to feel ripped off with such high pricing. But we recommend that you keep calm and read on. As there is a lot of information coming up that will tell you everything you need to know about creating the best website at a great price.

Why Did We Create Easysite

We created Easysite to give you value for your money and piece of mind. It does not matter what features you use on our site builder it will not cost you any extra. Unlike other site builders that let you create a website free then when you want more features you are asked to upgrade we at Easysite feel this is wrong. We offer our site builder with all features included free to try for 30 days. This means you get to try build a website free for 30 days, and if you like what you are getting you continue to use our service for a small monthly fee.

It's simple. You get a free domain, reliable web hosting, and great support. You don't have to have any design skills to build the best website. Just choose a template from Easysite's pre-designed website templates which are as beautiful as they are functional and start adding content, images, videos, slideshows and what ever you want to your new site.


Our templates are all responsive, this means your site will load and run seamlessly on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets as well. This is an added advantage that will broaden your chances of getting more exposure by showcasing your products/services to a wider audience. This will also help you benefit from more sales.

Creating An Online Store Is Easy With Easysite

In order for your website or online store to exist, you need a domain name. Easysite provides you with a domain name of your choice absolutely free of cost. Usually, domain name providers charge a certain amount for giving you the domain name that you like. Not with Easysite, and if you want to start selling online it won't cost any extra. We have included Ecommerce software in our site builder helping you to build the best website as you have the best tools to build your site.


We give you a domain name for life! A website cannot run without a web host. Easysite has that covered for you as well. It provides web hosting service as well. And that too at no cost to you! Now which web development company will offer you top notch web hosting services with great bandwidth and that too free of cost?


Thanks to the premium quality web hosting services, you need not have any worry about your site not staying up, even if the number of visitors to your site increases rapidly. Easysite also provides you with daily backups that ensure your site stays safe and secure. These backups too are free of cost.

No Web Design Or HTML Coding Knowledge Required To Create Your Site, Even Your Granny Could Do It

Even if you are a non-techie to the core and always get this feeling that you and computers just don’t go along, you will find building a website with Easysite easy as breeze!


You do not need to be well-versed in programming languages to design a website. You do not need to write any code or install any plug-ins or use any software. You do not require any technical knowledge to build a website with Easysite. And, the end result is a robust, feature-rich and attractive website that can rival the work of many web design professionals.

You do not need to hire any SEO expert to have your site pop up in search engine results. Easysite makes use of an innovative search engine optimisation technology that ensures your web pages gets indexed and ranks high in search engines.

Even updating the site is easy. You can do it all by yourself and even when you are traveling. You can add or modify the text, replace photos or change other design elements in your site without consulting any web designer or developer.

You can also integrate your website with leading social networks with the help of Easysite. Adding a Twitter or Facebook button to your site can help you reach out better to your audience and Easysite helps you do that too.

Now that you know how easy building and updating your own website with Easysite is, here is some help to get you started and build the best website.

How To Get Started

Log on to and go to the TRY IT FREE button. Type in details such as your name and email ID. Once you submit the form, your site will be created. You can add several features to your site. If you are building an eCommerce website, you can sync it with your PayPal account.

Why Is Easysite A Cut Above The Rest?

Easysite, as suggested by the name, makes the job of designing a website very easy. However, all its services are very affordable and do not create a huge dent in your wallet. Easysite also offers customer support round the clock. It also provides you with a free domain name. Now where else would you get such services at such affordable rates?

If you have any query, you can call us at 877 832-7974 or We will be happy to help you and give you advice on how to build the best website.

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