The Oakhurst Library is pleased to provide a weekly “creative space” for writers.

Who can join: Anyone with a desire to write
What is the purpose: Writers meet, set personal goals,
share a quiet space, and WRITE
What to bring: Any tools needed (i.e. laptop,
notebook, pen, pencil)

This group will be facilitated by Sandy Alonzo, a local author. Writers will meet every Monday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm in the Library Community Room.

At the beginning of a meeting, each writer spends 1 or 2 minutes describing to the group his/her goal for the session. Goals are individualized and will vary from person to person.

Then, writers will separate and work either in the community room, a quiet spot in the library, outside in the park area, or any other nearby location that makes the inspiration flow.

At the end of the meeting, writers reconvene in the community room to spend 1 or 2 minutes discussing what transpired during their writing that day.

This group will meet in the Community Room of the Oakhurst Library every Monday (except when the library is closed). The Library is located at 49044 Civic Circle Drive in Oakhurst.

If you have any questions, please join Mountain Writers ( or email Sandy Alonzo at

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