Candace Flammang
I joined the FOBL Board of Directors in 1998 because of Genie Krieghoff. I held the offices of Publicity and Secretary. Sherry Colgate, Laura Darling and Rima Runztel helped with all of the publicity technology. Thank goodness! Angelo Pizelo was President in 2000; he created our Building Fund with $5,000 to add more space to the Oakhurst Branch Library. I could not imagine that we would ever be able to complete this project. Madera County would not allow volunteer labor; only projects built with workers getting prevailing wage would be accepted. Somehow we added the Library Community Room in 2013 with a total of $120,000 in matching funds for a USDA Grant of $200,000. We collected our money with donations and book sales every month. Most book sale income was made by selling each book for $1. Collectible Book Sales produced two or three times more income.

Many extraordinary board members made this project possible; it took all thirteen members to make it happen. I am especially thankful for Barbara Fagundes' organized leadership in book sales, Sherry Colgate and Ingrid Carhart's dedication to publicity and Barbara Fagundes' leadership for Secretary/Collectible Sales/Book Processing. John Livergood sets up and takes down boxes for book sales and so much more. Bill and Melanie Bainbridge kept our Treasury accounting up to date during the difficult years of construction and completion. Kent Foster supplemented our Building Fund and library's needs with grants from many sources.