Treasurer - Melanie Bainbridge
After moving to the mountains from the Bay Area and building our new home, my wonderful wife and I were a bit bored, so we decided to volunteer somewhere. She picked the Mountain Community Women, and I volunteered at the library, putting returned books back in my favorite area: nonfiction. Then that little bully Genie Krieghoff "volunteered" me for the position of treasurer. I finally got tired of saying "no" so I gave in, and I have to say that although working with numbers is not my forte, I have come to really enjoy the job, updating the monthly report in my own image, so to speak. Having a recent problem with sitting in regular chairs (don't ask) makes it very difficult to prepare the monthly report, so my wonderful wife has taken over the data entry part. Which is 85.6% of the whole job, so I mostly supervise and argue with her. She mostly wins, possibly because I love her and possibly because she was a bank teller in a former life (i.e. before me).
My Hobbies:Reading, puttering around on our place
Favorite Music:Classical & opera
Favorite Books:The Hobbit (much to my surprise) and the Tolkien trilogy, and Dune, and non-fiction books by scientists and Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer
Favorite Movies:Avatar, Casablanca
Favorite TV:The news is about all I watch
Gifts I Would Like:I'll pass on that one
Favorite Websites:    I'll pass on that one