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Sign up for free and learn how to create a family website no credit card required. Pick your look from any of our professional themes. Add your family pictures and content. Share with the world or keep it private and only share with family members.

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Easysite.com Has Everything You Need To Make A Family Website

Today families are spread all over the world and what better way to share all those great family memories than on your own family website.
From the moment you sign up to Easysite you will see how easy it is to create your own website. We even let you try it free for 30 days, no credit card required.

You Get

A Free Domain

After the 30 day trial, or anytime during the trial period. Make a payment and we will hook a domain you already own to your family website or take advantage of our free domain for life offer and get a free domain. The domain will remain free as long as you are with us. Unlike other site builder sites we will never hold you hostage if you decide to leave us.

Just let us know which domain registrar you want us to transfer your domain to and we will get right on it and transfer your domain for free. Please be careful if you sign up to other sites that offer a free domain. Some will ask for as much as $400 to transfer your domain. Read the terms and conditions before you sign up or be safe and sign up with us.

Reliable Fast Hosting

Hosting is important. You need fast reliable hosting when you are going to create a family website. You want all those photos to load quick and be available when family members visit your site. Easysite offers you hosting services that are reliable, fast and come with a large bandwidth. This means no matter how busy your site gets our hosting won't let you down.

Website Builder

If you have never made a website in your life, have no coding knowledge and don't have time to learn how to create a website. Our website builder has been designed for you. From the moment you sign up for free your taken to your website. No need to download software or install anything on your computer. You can immediately start to create a family website.

Just For The Family

Creating your own family website is a safe place for you to share photos, videos and other fun stuff with just your family.

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You have moved to New York and just celebrated your childs birthday and taken a load of pictures and videos for Granny and Granpa to see who live in California. You create a digital birthday album on your family website and upload the photos. It's like the old times except with a lot less dust.
Family members all over the world will be able to add photos and content. Keep your family website private, family members will have to log-in to see whats on the website.

Share Events On Your Family Calendar

Family members can add events to the family calendar. Get reminders of birthdays, anniversaries family get togethers and lots more. Easysite has lots of great features that you can use when you are creating your family website.
Adding a family calendar to your site is easy, we have lots of helpful tutorials that will guide you if you get stuck.

Safe And Secure

safe and secure
You can make your family website private, this means it will be safe and secure from prying eyes. Family members can access your site from any computer that has a internet connection, anytime, and anywhere in the world when they log-in with their own username and password.
We will not sell, rent, or lease mailing lists or other customer data to others, and we will not make your personal information available to any unaffiliated parties.
We will help you create your very own family network where photos, videos, news and important files can be safely shared. Calendars can even be coordinated, making family get togethers and parties easier to arrange.
If you have a question about creating your family website please feel free to contact us. We will only be to happy to assist you and get your family website online.
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