How To Build Your Own Family Reunion Website


You're going to have a family reunion. What better place to share those special memories than on your own family reunion website.

We have been helping familys build websites for a long time. Gone are the days when you have to hire a website designer and pay lots of hard earned money to them to build your site. If you go onto Google and use the search term how to create a website or how to make a website you will find lots of different websites that have tutorials on how to build a website.

Create A Free Website

Some of those sites offer you the option to create a website for free. You probably think free great. Think again. What they offer you is a site builder with hardly any features, you will soon discover that you need to upgrade if you want to build a professional website. When you upgrade it costs you money.

Web Hosting

Others will ask you to sign up to a web hosting company. Once you have signed up you will have to download and install a website builder like WordPress onto your hosting account. Then you will have to point your domain at your website. This can be very confusing and frustrating.

Website Builder

Then you get website builders like Easysite. Some will require you to make a payment before you can use them. Others like Easysite are free trial site builders. Yes at Easysite we want you to try create a website with our site builder. You get to use our site builder with all its features free for 30 days. No credit card required to try.

We have helped lots of people create family reunion websites. Our website builder is not only limited to family reunion websites with Easysite you can create any type of website you can think of. Below are some articles on how to build different websites.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up

As soon as you sign-up to build your family reunion website you are taken straight into the site builder. Did we ask for a payment? No. Thats right you can try building your family reunion website free for 30 days.

This short video shows you how to create a website using Easysite:

Watch How to Create a Website
Click to play the video.


You get everything you need to build a profesional website. After you make you first payment we will give you a free domain of your choice. It will stay free as long as you stay with us. If for what ever reason you decide to leave us we will register your domain at a domain registrar of your choice for free.
Every website includes web hosting. Easysite offers you website hosting services that are reliable and come with a large bandwidth. Its reliable and fast and has a 99.99% up-time. It does not matter how many pages you build or how many visitors your site gets our hosting won't let you down.
A website builder that is so easy to use that your Granny could create her own family reunion website. We have help videos in every part of the site builder, if you get stuck click the help link and a short video tutorial will guide you, or contact support.
Below are just a few features our site builder has. See what other features are built into our site builder for free? Start building your site today no credit card required click here now.
Adding A Domain

If you already own a domain name we will point it at your site for free. If you do not have a domain then we do offer a free domain name after you make your first payment - more on domains.

Change The Look

Changing the look and feel of your site is easy, it takes one click of your mouse. Choose from lots of fast loading great looking themes. You can also add a picture for the background of your site, upload a banner image with your website name and logo and its all done with a few clicks of your mouse - click to play the video.

Adding The Title

Adding your site title and additional header text to your site is quick and easy - updating the header text.

Adding Text

Adding text is super easy. Use our HTML editor and it will do all the coding for you - how it works.

How To Upload Pictures

You will want to add loads of pictures to your family reunion website. You can create different picture galleries and upload an unlimited of pictures to your site - more on uploading pictures.

How To Upload Videos

You can also share all those family reunions with some great videos then download those videos to your family reunion website, family members all over the world will be able to watch your videos on your site - more on uploading videos.

You can keep your family reunion website private or public the choice is yours. Family members can have admin rights and add there own stuff on the site. You will find that we have thought of everything. If theres something else you require contact us and we will consider adding that feature on to Easysite.

You Can Even Sell Stuff From Your Store Page

We don't think you will be selling stuff from your reunion website but every Easysite website includes eCommerce software. This means that you do have a store page and can sell products from your site.

Easysite includes eCommerce software. Most other site builders do not include eCommerce software, you have to upgrade to be able to sell products and open an online store. This means spending more dollars every month if you want to sell stuff online. We don't agree and include eCommerce software free, this means you don't pay any extra when you build a website with Easysite - Watch a video on how to use your store page.

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