Krista age 12
Krista age 12


Krista in 2021
I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Woman’s Hospital on May 4th, 1971. According to my parents I was an adorable child who loved to laugh and in the few times I got into some trouble always had a funny reason for the minor misdemeanour. Teachers loved me in elementary school for my good humour and playfulness.


And then came high school!!  What is a teenage girl supposed to do when all the teachers were mean and didn’t understand me? I do remember one thing that my parents decided to “help” me was to drive me to school in the hope that I would attend more regularly. Guess you can figure out how well that worked!  Of course, years later I came to my senses and finished my high school diploma and became an esthetician.

My teenage years did have some excitement however; when at 16 years old my good friend Denise and I decided to hop on the bus to Toronto to see the rock group Platinum Blond without telling our parents. Well needless to say that all fell apart, when surprise, surprise, my Dad showed up with my Grandpa at the bus station and encouraged us to “get the hell in the car and come home”. They just had no sense of adventure!

One of my greatest joys in life, so far at least, is my 5 girls Rebecca, Carissa, Lindsay, Madi and Azja, all of whom I’m over-the-moon proud of. Each brings with them individual skills and talents that they use in life. Rebecca’s and Carissa’s children are a bonus for me in my life. Lindsay’s aspirations to be a biologist and the future successes of Keely and Azja will keep me happy for years to come.