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To determine a home's value you have to know the precise size or the square footage of the home. The size or square footage number can either close a deal or kill the deal. The Federal Government requires comparison of homes based on square footage numbers. Real estate agents across the country are finding themselves in lawsuits for misrepresentation of square footage that are taken from public tax records, builders plans, the MLS and appraisals. If the square footage or size is not measured or applied accurately, every calculation made using that number will provide a very good chance of providing an inaccurate property value.

Errors in the square footage details contained within public records is common knowledge, and is information which should be known by a reasonably prudent, licensed real estate professional. Using professional measurement services to provide floor plans, and a specific square footage total, is a win win for consumers and the real estate industry.

Get a Higher Level of Accuracy in Valuation

It allows agents to provide their clients with a higher level of accuracy in valuation and allows them to better represent the property to potential buyers. It helps to protect buyer and seller from making any financial decision based on erroneous square footage data. It helps to protect both agents involved in the transaction. And it allows the burden of liability to be directed towards a trained professional measurement company that is trained and insured for this one area of the home buying process. This service changes the liability discussion and allows the MLS and Realtors to provide this vital information without the fear of liability.

Measuring and calculating square footage can be intimidating and overwhelming whether you are a real estate agent or a home owner. There are many rules and restrictions to how a home can be measured and what exactly qualifies as living versus non-living space. The Law and the MLS now requires an accurate square footage calculation when listing a home. So why stress about it? Leave it to the Pros! Ask us (Accurate House Measuring) to give you a free quote.

We Cover The Southern California Area

We cover the Southern California area. So if you live in Los Angeles County, Orange County, or San Diego County and are looking to determine a home value, you need Accurate House Measuring so you won't loose any money when buying or selling your property. Accurate House Measuring have been the leading specialists in home measurements in Southern California for the past 26 years. We create floor plans for real estate marketing and individuals looking for a floor plan of their exisiting home. At Accurate House Measuring you have access to accurate property details and can simply do a better job at valuing real estate due to having reliable and consistent information.

You deserve to have accurate information and reduce your costs and your liability.

We service:

  • Real estate professionals
  • Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Investors
  • Indivudals that are buying or selling a home
  • People that want to modify or update their current floor plan

We offer:

  • Home measurements
  • Square footage calculation breakdowns
  • Floor plan services of existing properties
  • Floor plan services of new properties
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Specializing in Orange County

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Please feel free to give us a call on (949) 500-4915 and lets have a chat about your property needs. Or contact us for a free no obligation quote. Our highly qualified personnel will accurately measure your home with extreme accuracy and supply you with all the relevant documents for marketing to prospective buyers.


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