1) Walk By Faith

2) Nothing But

3) The Only Thing He Bought

4) It's Him

5) Pourin' It On

6) So Much Life In A Graveyard

7) Blood Stained Banner

8) The Old Man Is Dead

9) I Can't Quit

10)When Jesus Comes In The Clouds



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1) Down But Not Out

2) He Did It For Me

3) Things God Doesn't Know

4) Looking Forward To Looking Back

5) Savior, Faithful, Friend

6) Mountain Top

7) That's The Sound Of A House Being Built On Love

8) One More Time

9) If The Lord's Been Good

10) I'm Gone




1) When God Shows Up

2) I'll Trust God Today

3) Our Of This World

4) He Heard Your Cry

5) Before The Blood Was Dry

6) The Master

7) Heaven Holds All For Me

8) The Greatest Wonder

9) The Great I Am

10) I Know I Can






1) Jus For Me

2) I Found Jesus

3) Why Should I Worry

4) I Just Stopped By On My Way Home

5) That's How God Forgives

6) Sometimes I Cry

7)I Have Been Blessed

8) He Called My Name

9) He Will Always See You Through

10) Ain't It Good To Know The Master





1) I Know I Can

2) It's Your Turn

3) Overcomer

4) I Must Be Dreaming

5) Heaven Will Be Worth The Journey

6) Come Home

7) The Half Has Not Been Told

8) At The Feet Of Jesus

9)Goodbye Don't Exist

10)I Never Shall Forget The Day