The Group
The Adams Family is an American southern gospel band, named after its founder and leader Russ Adams. As of January 2019, it consists of Russ Adams, Susan Longworth, David Longworth, and Tim McFarland. Although the group started out with Russ, his sister, brother and brother in-law in the 1970s, it has had very few band member changes. The group started as a family group and continues that way today as the second generation is now stepping in. They have become very well known for their unique family harmony and accompaniment of a live band.

Growing up in a Christian home has reinforced their faith and values and has created in each of them a strong desire to proclaim their salvation through the ministry of music. The goal of the group is to bring the lost to salvation, but the focus of the group is to uplift and encourage the church of today. God is at the center of The Adams Family ministry and at the center of their hearts. To Him be all the glory!