We are so exited to announce that we have a new project underway for 2021.


As we are about to start into the new adventure there are several things we are asking you help us with.


First and foremost is prayer. We never want to start into anything without Gods hand being in it, so if there is nothing else you can help with in this endeavor, please PRAY. We will try to post the items we need help with in blue.


As we go through the updates please watch and assist with anything you can.


Dec 1st 2020    Please start praying for God's will.


Jan 15th  Papers have been signed for the up and coming project.


Jan 20th  1st instalment has been payed.


Feb 1st  The search for new songs has begun. If you are a song writer please email us your songs at www.adansfamilysingers@yahoo.com     PRAY!