Calling your local station is important in several ways.


1) To thank them for playing your favorite Southern Gospel Music. They actually do want to hear from you.


2) Your call lets them know someone is out there listening, in return it helps them stay on the air.


3) They send in a chart of the top 20 songs, up and coming favorites, and their new song top pick every month. Your calls help with this chart process.


4) These charts will Help The Groups. It helps others get to know them and helps their bookings. So be specific on the group and song you want to here. We all appreciate that.





1. Call while song is playing. (Not while they are talking)

2. Remember to keep it short.

3. Thank them for what they do. (Most of the time its just them a mic and God. Encourage them!)

4. Letters and gift cards are always welcome.

5. Please Don’t Drive Them Crazy Calling Too Often!!!