We are proud to announce the papers have been signed and the song search has begun. With God's Blessings and your Prayers we hope to be back in the studio the second quarter on 2018, working on a brand new project.


Please start praying now for God's will. 



Progress Report.

November 15th  It has arrived! Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Update Oct.25th Yeah Its in print  We should see it in about 10 Days


Update Oct. 1st The Cd and artwork are in Final confirmation stages


Update Sept. 1st We have received report that the new project is now in its final mix-down stages. It wont be long now. Keep Praying!!!


Update Aug 1st: Thank all of you for your prayers. The Photo shoot and vocals are now finished. We had such a great week in Nashville. Everything is in post production and we hope to have it all back in our hands by late Sept.


Update July 16th: Vocal Dates have been set for July 30th and 31st. Mush prayers needed between now and then as we prepare for what God has in store.


Update June 22nd: What a great time in the studio this weekend. The musicians were spot on. At one point it got so good even Les had to get up and walk around. All we can tell you is WOW!

A huge thanks to:
Les Butler (producer)
Matt Butler (Engineer)
Kevin "Swine" Grantt (bass)
Kelly Back ( lead, acoustic, ganjo)
"Preacher" Rob Tripp (drums, tambourine)
"JB" Johnny Brown (Keys, Hammond B3)
Matt Felts (media)
Abby Felts (keeping us company)

and all the others who will add their instruments in the upcoming weeks.

AS A BONUS Russ made some new friends see last photos


Update June 11th: Tracking Dates are set.  June 21st we will be picking chords for songs. June 22nd we will be tracking music.


Update May 18th: Songs Have Been Chosen


Update April 11th: We have narrowed songs down to 24


Update Jan 25th: Over 300 songs on the table NOW THE FUN BEGINS!!!