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Alyce Foster

Congratulations. Keep up the good work. Happy Quilting.

Dolores Johnson

Dolores Johnson
1302 Old Cannon Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744

Charlene Lamb

I also went to Maryland Park jr high...1970-72..I loved Home Ec. and this is why I found you ..I was looking for my teachers name in 7th grade and 8th I moved 1/2 through 8th grade year , but she was wonderful ! I have used the skills she taught me throughout my life and it is sad our Education system where I live now does not offer any Home Ec. classes, but I have continued sewing, crafting, cooking and cleaning using the skills and hints she gave me and teaching younger and older my skills.....what a blessing we had ...if you can ,please drop me her name so I may Thank her with a proper name and not as just my teacher....forgot name but not lessons : ...Thank You

Maxine Morgan

It was good to see you at the quilt show and I will definitely be a supporter from now on.


This is a wonderful website!! Congratulations for getting it up and running... Praying for you to have much success....


Nadine, Great website! Thanks for the videos and the blog links.

Janice Dougherty

It's wonderful that you are back on the East Coast scene. Your website is great!

Mae Brown

Welcome back.
We need your inspirations.

Linda S.

Welcome Back! Nice site!

Christine Gray-Knight

I'm glad you are back

Jayne Hirst

Hey Nadine!


Miss you!
I am also glad you are back!

Alyce Foster

Glad you are back!

Dee Taylor

Yay!!!! So glad you're back! I've missed you guys!