Learn How To Create Church Websites


Do you want to create a church website for your church? We have helped hundreds of Ministries get their church online by building their own church websites.
Its not that hard. Easysite has all the tools you need to build church websites. We will give you a free domain, web hositing, site builder and a store page to sell stuff directly from your church website.
We even give you 30 days to try create your church website - Sign up no credit card required.- Use all the features for 30 days - Then decide if you want to continue.

Example Business Website - AXN Heavy Duty
Example Business Website - AXN Heavy Duty
Example Business Website - AXN Heavy Duty

No Website Design Knowledge Required

If you are looking to create a church website for your church Easysite.com is the answer. From the moment you sign up and try it free you will see that you don't have to have any website design knowledge to start building your own church website. If you have been asking the question how can I build a website you need to keep on reading.

Today website builders like Easysite are so advanced that just about anyone can learn how to create a website themselves. From start to finish we have easy to follow videos that will guide you as you are building your church website. If you get stuck click the help link and the video will pop up. After watching the video guide you will know how to complete the step you were stuck on.

What You Need To Make A Professional Website

A Domain Name

What is a domain name? A domain name is your website address and used to find your website. If you are building a church website you will probably use the name of your church as your domain name. You can add a domain name you already own to your site, or anytime during or after your free 30 day trial period make your first payment and we will include a free domain for life. Your domain will be free as long as you stay with us. If you decide to move for what ever reason we will transfer your domain for free to a domain registrar of your choice.

Web Hosting

What is web hosting? Web hosting is a place all your website files are stored or live and connected to the internet. When people browse the internet on search engines like Google they type keywords into the search box and Google displays the best results for the search query. These results have been stored on web servers all over the world and displayed as web pages. Hosting should be reliable and fast. Reliable so your site is always online. Fast so you website does not take for ever to load. At Easysite you will get fast and reliable hosting for your church website.

Website Builder

What is a website builder? A website builder is software that has lots of features and widgets that you can use to create your own website without having any technical knowledge. The website builder does all the coding for you. This means that just about anyone can build a website and share their stuff on the web. Easysite's website builder has been design by some of the best web developers in the USA. It has all the features you require to build your church website, it includes a store page that you can use to sell stuff.

Lots Of Content

Lots of top quality great content. If you want your church website to work add plenty of pictures, videos and well written content. This will be good for your visitors and also help your site rank on search engines. Remember God might be our King but on the internet website content is King.

Why Choose Easysite

Why choose Easysite to create a church website for your church? Because Easysite provides you with all the necessary tools to build your church website.

Simplicity there is no downloading of software, no plugins, and no upgrades, Easysite is made for people that want to have a website and have no coding knowledge. Its so easy to use that your Granny could make a website hence the name Easysite.

The website building software we use on Easysite.com includes all the features you need to build a professional church website, there is no upgrade no more to spend or buy, we even include Ecommerce software.

Let new members know exactly where you are with your very own map page. Visitors can view the map to find your church.

With Easysite's audio page it's easy to post your weekly sermons on your church website. Any one that could not attend could visit the website and listen to the service in the comfort of their home.

Post the church's calendar of events on the calendar page. Visitors can then see events on the calendar.

You get a free domain name for life. Fast reliable web hosting. A site builder packed with all the features you need to build your own website. A store page to sell your products on. Lots of helpful video tutorials to guide you in the building process. Helpful support from a great support team when you need it.

Still not convinced? We offer you to try build your church website free for 30 days and see how easy it is to create a website using Easysite. Fill in your details below and press the blue get started button.

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