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When you sign up to Easysite you get all the tools you need, not only to build a website but to also sell stuff online and build an Ecommerce website. Its all included in our Ecommerece site builder - no upgrade. Unlike other Ecommerce website builders that require you to keep upgrading as you require more features Easysite only has one package. That package includes everything.

Start your free trial today. Learn how easy it is to build your own online store and sell stuff online. No coding knowledge required. You can build your own Ecommerce website upload your items you want to sell and collect payments from visitors that make a purchase.




Start for free. Start building your Ecommerce website free and try Easysite. All you need to do is full out the form at the bottom of this page to try building your own eCommerce website - no bank card or credit card details are needed. Try Easysite, use all the features in 30 days you will be asked if you would like to continue, then and only then you pay monthly.


You can add a domain you already own or after the free 30 day trial period we can set up a free domain that we will pay for you. This will be paid by Easysite for as long as you are with us. If after some time you decide to leave us we will register your domain with the domian registrar of your choice for free. We will not ask you for money or hold you randsom.


Website speed is important. Thats why we offer top level fast reliable hosting. We will host your site on multi servers so if one server goes offline your site remains live. You get unlimited hosting - unlike other Ecommerce site builders. Never upgrade when you create a website using Easysite. That's right it will never cost you more when your site gets busy.


Easysite has been designed to be user friendly. If you want to learn how to build a Ecommerce website yourself then our Ecommerce website builder should be your first choice. You don't need any coding knowledge - all you need is something to sell. There are help videos on every section making Easysite the easiest way to make your own website.


Today more and more people use their smart phones to shop online. This means that when you build an Ecommerce website you must make sure the site builder you use includes responsive website design templates or themes. A responsive web design means that your online store website will look great on any device it's viewed on. All Easysite templates are responsive and will look great on iPads, smart phones and computers.


Setting up your online store is easy. Enter your PayPal details (vistors don't need PayPal they can use their credit or debit card). Next add a new department once you have named your department you can start adding the items you wish to sell online. The item name and price are the only required fields, but it's a good idea to at least add a description and a few pictures of the item you're selling. Easy as that!


If you have set up your online store correctly by adding pictures, prices and a description of the item visitors will be able to browse your store in different departments. Each department will have a selection of items that belong to that department. So for example you could have a department for mens shirts and have all your mens shirts in that department. This makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.


Never upgrade. We will never ask you to upgrade no matter how busy your site gets. It does not matter how many pages you build when you create a website using Easysite. Add 100 items or 10 000 items to your online store with Easysite the price is the same. Unlike other site builders that cost your more as you upgrade Easysite includes everything at one set price. Start for free then pay $19.95/monthly - why pay more.

Start Building Your Ecommerce Website Today With Easysite

how to make a online shop

Start building your online store today with Easysite and get all the features and tools you need to create the perfect store in minutes.

  • Start by creating your website free. No credit or banking details needed. Add items to your online store. We want you to try our site builder. When you sign up you have 30 days to try Easysite. You don't even need a domain to try our site builder. We include a temporary domain, hosting, site builder, shopping cart and everything else you require to build your online store free for 30 days.

  • Unlike free site builders that only let you use a few features on their site builder (you have to upgrade to get more features. This cost money.) Easysite lets you use all the features for a limited time for free. This means you have no risk. No money needed to try before you buy.

  • No web coding or design knowledge required to make a website and sell your stuff online. The website creator takes care of all the coding requirements its like having your own HTML coding guy right on your computer doing all the work for you. Easysite has been designed to be user frendly.

If you need any help creating your eCommerce website or would like us to build a eCommerce website for you please contact us.

Follow These Steps To Create Your Online Store

Sign Up Below

Use the below form and fill in your details. Please use the correct email and phone details. Once done click the blue Get Started button.

Click Store On The Menu

Once you have signed up you will be redirected to a page that looks like this. This is your new website. To start adding items to your store page look for store on the menu and click it.

click the store button

Set Up PayPal

Add your PayPal email address in the PayPal email address box. If you don't have PayPal create a account and then come back and enter your PayPal email address in the box. Then click the Add Department button.

PayPal is used for you to receive payments. Visitors will be able to purchase goods on your online shop using credit cards and debit cards as well as PayPal.

add paypal

Add Department

After clicking the department button the page looks like below. Now you must type in your department title and a welcome text for your customers. For our example we have created a department for T-Shirts. Once you have added yours click the ok button.

set up your department

Add Item

After clicking the ok button you need to click the add item link under the department you just set up. Remember we used T-Shirts. So for this example it will be under T-Shirts. For you it will be under the name of the department you used.

add item

Filling In The Item Information (Price, Picture, etc)

Next you will want to fill in the information about the item you are selling. Its a good idea to fill in as much info as you can and as many pictures as you have. This will help you sell the item. Once done click the ok button to post your item onto your online store.

filling in the item information

The Item Is Now Added To Your Online Store

Great that's it your item has now been added to your online store and visitors can now purchase your item. As you can see it was easy that's why we called our Ecommerce site builder Easysite.

now your item has been added to your online store

Anyone Can Build Their Own Online Store

Easysite has been designed by experts to make building your online store easy. As you can see from the above tutorial anyone can use Easysite and create an online store. Adding items is quick and easy no coding knowledge required. We even let you try the site builder with all the features free.

Questions And Answers

Do I need to pay anything to try create my own website using Easysite?

No. Sign up below to try build a website with Easysite free for 30 days. After the trial you will need to pay $19.95/monthly to continue using our site builder.

Do I have to upgrade to get more features and build an Ecommerce website?

No. Easysite gives you value for your money. You will never have to upgrade. We only have one package. It does not matter how busy your site gets, how many pages you are going to add or how many items you want to sell on your online store you only pay $19.95/monthly.

I own my own my own domain. Can I use my own domain on Easysite?

Yes. Contact us and we will hook up your domain to your new website. For those people that don't own their own domain we will give you a free domain when you make your first payment. It will always be free as long as you stay with us.

If I use the free domain and leave Easysite do I have to pay hundreds of dollars?

No. We will not hold your free domain ransom for hunderds of dollars. Once you decide to leave, email us and we will transfer your free domain to a domain registrar of your choice for free.

I have never made my own website and might need help. Do you have support?

Yes. We have lots of helpful videos for you to follow. The support videos will guide you step-by-step through the building process. We also have telephone support and email support. You can even get free telephone support. We will call you back and create your website with you over the phone. Call (877) 832-7974 and request a call back.

I don't have the time to make a website, can you create a website using Easysite for me?

Yes. Contact us and tell us what your are looking for. We will get back to with a great price. After we set up your site we will also show you how to update your new website. Or we could continue to work with you and update your site when you request updates.

How long has Easysite been in business?

Easysite was launched in 2005. Easysite was one of the first fully-functional website building services. "The goal was simple. We want to make it so anyone with little to no computer skills could create their own website.

Where is Easysite?

Easysite is located in Bonsall, California. It's a little town about forty miles north of San Diego, about 10 miles from the coast. Our servers are hosted with American Internet Service's data center in San Diego, California.

How safe is my data?

Your website data with Easysite is backed up daily. Easysite's servers are located at the AIS Fiber Alley Data Center (FADC) facilities. This SAS 70 Type II compliant facility is located on Complex Drive in the San Diego Spectrum area of Claremont Mesa.

If you would like to know more, or require any help to build an online business or build an Ecommerce website please feel free to contact us we would love to hear from you.

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