How To Build A Website In A Few Easy Steps

Build your own website from scratch with the #1 website builder. No design knowledge required.



Build your own beautiful website in minutes. Add beautiful picture galleries, a professional blog, or sell stuff on your own online store with

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Our website builder is so powerful yet so simple to use. Creating a website using Easysite is easy. Its like fish and chips, once you try and build a website you will love it! Pick your design, move things around to what you want. Add your content images and features with a few clicks of your mouse. Don't take our word for it sign up below and try build a website free for 30 days. No credit card card required. We will even give you a free domain.

our website builder is like fish and chips you will love it
get a free domain when you sign up

With Easysite its easy to add a domain you already own. Or after your free 30 day trial - sign up tell us the domain you would like to have, if its available we will get it for you. That's right we will renew your domain every year for free as long as you use our website builder to create your website. Claim your free domain for life with We not only help you make a better website we save you money as well.

Sell anything you want from any website template. All our website templates are equipped with eCommerce features which means adding a shopping cart and collecting payments online using Easysite is easy. Upload an image of the product you wish to sell, add your price, set up your payment method and presto your online store is ready. Its that easy. Build your own website with online store in a few clicks.

use the shopping cart software to open your own store


We want you to learn how to create a website using our site builder. That way you will see how easy our free business website builder is to use, its everything you need to build a website for $19.95/month (after a free website 30-day trial). Try it now no credit card details required. Choose a template. Change the background color, add a top banner, add your business logo. Get the look and feel you want.

We beleave that everyone that wants to create a website should be able to build one. That's why we make it easy for anyone to build a beautiful website and get a professional web presence. No web design or coding knowledge required to get your business online, just you and Easysite.


You don't need any money to try Easysite. You can use our website builder for free and see how it all works. Get acess to all our features build a website or build an online shop the choice is yours. Change your template, add content, add your pictures, add a video try out everything. Show your friends and family then decide if Easysite is right for you. You have 30 days from the time you sign up to try build a website using Easysite.

Why Try And Build A Website Free

Why should I build a free website with Easysite then after the 30 day trial pay $19.95/month when other site builders let me continue to build a free website forever?

If something is free for ever then how do they make money? These web site builders offer free packages to catch you. Yes you start for free but will soon discover the free service is limited.

Unlike Easysite that offer you a free 30 day trial period for free, where you get to use all the features the small business website builder has. Their website builder is limited and you will need to upgrade to get to use all the features and build a professional website. Sometimes you need to upgrade two or three times to get more features. This means spending more each month.

As soon as you sign up to Easysite you know exactly what you get. You get to use all our features free for 30 days. That's plenty of time to decide if its right for you. From then on you pay us $19.95/month and never upgrade. You have all the tools and helpful tutorials as well as top level support when you need it to build your own website.

We will even give you a free domain when you sign up.

Features: Easysite has lots of great features that you can use to start making a website.

Start For Free - We know you will love our easy website builder that's why we want you to try it free. If you want to make a website then sign up here and we will give you 30 days to try our site builder out. After the 30 days you will be asked to pay a small monthly fee of $19.95 - You will never have to upgrade, you are already on the top package.

Lots Of Templates - As soon as you sign up get the look and feel you want by choosing a template you like. Then customize it with your banners, logo and colors in a few clicks of your mouse watch this video how to change the look.

Easy To Use Website Builder - Have fun learning how to build a website with our easy to use website builder. No coding knowledge required. If you can click a mouse and write a few sentences then you can make your own website using our website builder watch this video and see how easy it is to build a website.

Fast Reliable Hosting - It does not matter how busy your site gets our fast reliable hosting won't let you down. We take care of everything leaving you free to get on and build your site.

Free Domain - We can add a domain name you already own or take advantage and get a free domain name when you make your first monthly payment. If you decide to leave us we will not hold your free domain hostage. We will transfer your free domain to a domain registrar of your choice for free.

Sell Your Stuff Online - Every site that is created using Easysite has a store page. This means that you can create an online store and sell stuff from your site with out having to upgrade. We don't see why you should pay more to have a shopping basket and sell stuff online watch this short video on how to sell items from your site.

Looks Great On Mobiles - You website that you build will look great on Computers, iPads and Mobiles. No matter what device your visitor uses our website building software adapts your site to the device its being looked on. In todays world your website must be responsive.

Google Friendly - Every site that you build using our software will be Google friendly. Its up to you make sure you fill each page with good unique quality content. That way other sites will link to your site creating natural backlinks. Do this right and you will have a Google friendly site.

Support When You Need It - We have lots of helpful videos and tutorials on how to build a website you can follow. If you would like more technical support our support team is waiting for you to contact them. We can even set-up and build a website for you.

We beleave that anyone that wants to build a website should be able to make a website in the comfort of there home or office and not have to pay web designers hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Get started fill in your details below and hit the get started button


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