Baptist Housing is low income apartment community for the elderly or mobility impaired.




     Rent is based on income and medical expenses. The lower your income is the less you pay in rent and hte higher your medical expense is hte lower your rent will be. we review your rent each year. if you have a change in your situation during the year, we can adjust your rent to reflect the change, ir your medical expense were to incresase more than $200 per month, we can reduce your rent.


     Because Baptist Housing has a special designation from HUD we can give each of our residents an additional $400 deduction, (that means that you pay rent as if your income were $400 less then it is. Baptist Housing pays all utilities, except phone and cable so you can keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and not have to worry abdou the electric bill. We also provide free transportation to Doctors and Grocery.




Baptist Housing has several areas set aside for residents to visit, play games or just watch TV. We take trips and have dinners at various times during the year. many of our residents enjoy relaxing at home and that's fine as well. the point is you have the choices. this will be your home and you can have vistors when ever you like (some restrictions apply) Visitors are not required to check into the office.



Baptist Housing has modern and well maintained Sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We went the exter mile and installed ADA approved strobe lights, for the hearing impaired, in each unit. We have video cameras monitoring the hallways and in addition to quality heavy doors and locks on each unit, we lock the outside doors at night (you will be given a key so you can come and go at your leisure).