Effective Ways to Create a Website in Just 24 Hours



Have you been looking for effective ways to create a website in just 24 hours? Haven't found what you are looking for? Maybe we can help. Is it possible to create a website in just 24 hours? You will be amazed to know that the answer is ‘yes’. In the modern world of online marketing, you can be the owner of a successful online business. In this case, the website can act as the only medium between you and your audience.


effective ways to create a website in just 24 hours
Effective ways to create a website in just 24 hours


The website you create should be created properly with the help of website builders like Easysite, WordPress or Oracle EPM. For a simple website, you do not need to know the programming languages, or have any design knowledge. Click here to start building your website using Easysite you even get a free domain and can try it free for 30 days. But if you are dealing with complex websites with multiple pages, links and products, you should surely get in contact with a website designer or programmer.

So, How Can You Develop A Website?

Online Free Templates: You can look out for various online templates which are available free of cost. This can also help to save the hiring costs of the programmer or the designer.

Though the templates are easily accessible, they are not at all unique. Your competitors might have used the same template that you are using. Sometimes the graphics and the layout of the pre-built templates may not totally satisfy you.

Website without Templates: Websites can also be built from scratch without any pre-built templates. This is not a difficult task and can enhance your creativity. You can come up with unique designs and layout that clearly represent your site and can also reflect your


When you finally notice your website on the internet, you will feel a great sense of achievement. You can create it in the following ways:

Using A Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting Service: If you don't use a site builder like Easysite you will need to sign up to a web hosting service. There are various web hosting providers available online. Some better than others, make sure you find one that has fast reliable hosting and provides excellent customer service. Here at Easysite we include fast reliable hosting, eCommerce software and all the features you need on a easy to use website builder.


You can also obtain a whole range of webmaster tools for managing your sites. There are technicians who are ready to help you when you require help using the live chat option.

Its best to start your hosting service with the month to month payment option. That way if you are not happy with the hosting provider you can move and won't loose money.

Domain Name: You should buy the domain name from a reputed company. When you buy hosting you could be offered a free domain with the hosting company. Easysite offers you a free domain when you sign up, this is all part of the excellent service we provide.


Create Website: You can create website with the help of web editor or the HTML editor like Easysite has. This editors do all the coding, this means that anyone even your Granny can build and edit their own website.

The HTML editors can create new pages and posts. Upload images from your computer and store those images on your website so they will be displayed on your pages.


You can change text size text color and lots more all with a few clicks of your mouse.


CMS Installation: The content management system can be installed in a very easy step by step method. The whole WordPress installation process is very user-friendly. It just goes by three easy steps.

  1. Sign up to a hosting service.
  2. Upload WordPress on to your hosting account. You can look out for the one-click install option for a quick and easy installation.
  3.  Install WordPress on your hosting account. You are required to create a username and password then install WordPress. For future log-in purpose, you will require the same user ID and password.

After installation you can modify the look of your site by changing the theme.


Upload Content: After installing the content management system, you can start uploading your content and then publish your page or post on the World wide Web.


Need help to move your site? Oracle EPM can provide complete and comprehensive system migration or you can make a new site using easysite.

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