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4 Simple Steps To Get Your Perfect Website


Take the time from your busy schedule to give us a call on (877) 832-7974 and speak to a member of the Easysite team about what type of website you require. They will then book you in for a consultation with one of our top level web designers.

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Our web designers will ask you a few questions about the type of site you want us to build for you. The features you want, colors and style preferences, other websites you like yours to look like, overview of the process and timeline, etc.


Our design team starts to build your website, you will be able to see it's progress every step of the way. Remember you need to send us your banners and logo so we can include them in the design. Once done we will show you how to update it.

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Your website is live on the web and all that needs to be done is for you to add the content. Don't worry we will show you how to do that. You will find it easy to update and if you need help just give us a shout and we will only be to happy to help.

Create a completely unique and custom website design based on your input. Incorporate your logo, colors, fonts and other design elements. Integrate social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Post any supplied website content (Word Docs, PDFs, Pictures, etc.). Hook up a domain name or give you a new one for free. Show you how to post updates.

How It Works

Let us build a website for you - The "We-Build-It" process begins with a phone call to Easysite at 877 832-7974 or you can contact us by email. If you call us we will ask you a few questions about your business and collect your contact information.

If you email us, you'll be assigned to, and contacted by one of Easysite's website designers. The designer will then contact you to talk with you about your website needs, the features you want, your colors and style preferences, other websites you like, overview of the process and timeline, etc.

After the initial phone call, your designer will send you an email with their contact information. The process then continues with a series of website builds and reviews that ultimately lead to the delivery and hand-off of your new website.

The "We-Build-It" Process Includes Three Review Cycles For Your Input, Corrections And Modifications:

1) Review of the initial website build.
2) Review work completed based on feedback from the first review.
3) Review work completed based on feedback from the second review.

After the site is completed and you are happy, your designer will show you how to post updates and answer any questions you might have about updating your site.

Why Use Easysite To Build A Website

Why use Easysite to build your website you ask. We know you are busy with your business and have no time to build your website thats why we created "We-Build-It" We know all about how to create a website that work and will soon have your new site up and running. Or you could build your own website with Easysite in a few easy steps.

When We Build Your Website You Get:

Fast Reliable Hosting - We know hosting is important. Hosting needs to be fast and reliable. It does not matter if you learn how to build a website yourself or if we build it. When it gets busy our hosting won't let you down.

Free Domain Name - We will give you a free domain name with all our packages, and if you decide to leave us for what ever reason we won't hold your free domain hostage. We will transfer it to a domain registrar of your choice for free.

E-commerce - Every site has a store page. This means you can add as many products as you like and start selling from your own online store and except payments online. Have 10 products or 10 000 it won't cost anymore.

Free Business Website Builder - Our free website builder is so easy to use your Granny could create a website. Once we have built your site you will find it easy to work your site. No coding or design knowledge required to update your site.

No Upgrades - Unlike other website builders that require you to upgrade as you want more features here at Easysite there is no upgades. You get to make a website yourself or we can make it (see above packages) and it costs you less than $20/month. Its everything you need to get an online presence.

Top Level Support - Our support team are waiting for your call. If you want to get online give us a call and we will make your website. Need help to update your new site? No problem our support team is waiting to help you.


The process of building your site consists of up to three website iterations. Each iteration will be reviewed by you via a phone meeting with your website designer. The "We-Build-It" process will take Easysite's staff a maximum of 20 hours to complete. This is more than enough time to complete the website building process. However, in the unlikely event that your website takes longer than three iterations or the maximum allocated hours, you will be billed for any work beyond those limits. (We will let you know well before this happens, so there are no surprises.) Really, this very rarely happens and frankly we don't want it to. The only time this happens is when a website requires an unusual amount of customizing or a customer is very indecisive.

The "We-Build-It" payment includes your first month of Easysite service. You are responsible for all subsequent monthy payments (currently $19.95) for the service.

After your website design is completed, we will show you how to post updates. After the completion of the We-Build-It process, you are responsible for all changes and updates to the website. Technical support is available to assist you with using the site, but Easysite's staff is not available to repeat tasks from the "We-Build-It" service without charge.

We want you to know about these terms now, so there is no misunderstanding later when you create your website. It's our expectation that the "We-Build-It" process will be a fun and rewarding experience. Our goal is for you to love your new website and be able to update it on your own after we're done. Remember you can create your own website using Easysite free for 30 days.

Call us today on (877) 832-7974 to speak to one of our team!
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