The News page lets you keep everyone up to date by posting the latest news to your site.

Use the "Add Entry" link to add a new news item.

In the "Add Entry" dialog, enter the title and enter the news into the editor. Once in the editor, you can easily layout text, pictures and other items for your news item. Click OK when you ready to post your news item to your site.

News items are listed on the left side, to view an item, simply click the item title. Under each news item, you'll find a set of links. Click "Edit" to rename or update the item. "Delete" will delete the item. "Share" is used to let your site members and followers know about this news item. Within the "Share" dialog, you can also announce this news on Facebook and Twitter.

Use the "Allow Comments" drop-down to select if comments are allowed. Select "No Comments" if you don't want comments. "From Anyone" means anyone can post a comment. "After Approval Email" sends the site administrator a confirmation email before a comment is posted. "From Members Only" means only your logged in site members can post comments.