The custom page is one of the most useful and flexible pages on your site. You can think of a custom page like a blank piece of paper or a blank Word doc that you can use to easily layout text, pictures and much more.

To use a custom page, start by renaming the page within the Site Admin > Pages tab.

Next, navigate to the page and click the "Edit Page" link at the top of the page.

Now add some text. Change the font and the color. Add a picture using the "add picture" button. (When you click the button, you can either, add a picture that is already on your site or add a picture file that's on your computer.)

Use the "Allow Comments" drop-down to select if comments are allowed. Click OK when you're finished creating your custom page.

Use the "Share Page" link to share this page with your site members and followers. You can also share this page on Facebook and Twitter using the link.